Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snow Much Fun

It’s been a bad work week so this is my first chance to blog this week.  The long nights are over (for right now) and I’ve got time to write my post!

Last Monday, February 10, was the kids 100th day of school.  They took their projects and had a little party with their class.  Their hallway and each doorway was all decorated.  They had a fun day!

Starting at the beginning of last week they started talking about a large snowfall.   As in they were calling for up to 12 inches of snow.  The forecasts all varied about how much and when it was coming.  We cancelled three things at work and rescheduled them for this week (hence the bad week!).  They cancelled school on Wednesday and I worked from home.  We waited and waited and it finally started mid afternoon.  It snowed and snowed the rest of Wednesday and most of Thursday too.  We ended up with at least 8 inches of snow.  A rare thing for this neck of the woods.   The world shut down after that for a few days.  Of course I had to work from home but I did take some breaks to check out the snow.  We went out once Thursday morning and then later that afternoon.  Drew took the kids out Friday morning as well.

The kids enjoyed the snow.  They stayed out about an hour each time.  Lindy ate her weight in snow and Will really enjoyed sledding.  We never got a snowman built but we took pictures with the neighbors’ snowman.  We played with our neighbors quite a bit which the kids enjoyed.

We finally ventured out Saturday to sign Will up for Tee ball and we checked out the church parking lot.  We also ate lunch at a new little café in town.  Sunday we had church and Will and I ran out in the afternoon to do a couple errands.  He got a much needed haircut. 

Enjoy our snow pictures. 

She helped make snow cream on Wednesday afternoon!DSC_7749
Checking out snow fall.  Even Jack was curious!
My rain gauge was full!DSC_7782DSC_7802DSC_7813DSC_7814
Her hat twisted around so it was practically covering her eyes!DSC_7816
Her snow mound! DSC_7818DSC_7821
A snow skier!
Five minutes after taking a picture the whole thing toppled!  DSC_7827
He would slide down and give everyone the thumbs up!DSC_7831DSC_7833
Valentines Day!  It was slightly overlooked by the snow.  I had something for Lindy and I ran out and got something for Will on Wednesday before it snowed.  DSC_7834
He got the Jungle Book movie!DSC_7836DSC_7837
Lindy found my old jewelry box at my parents’ house over Xmas and wanted it.  I found her this cute one that she loves!DSC_7841
She was posing for me.  What a nut!
My Valentines (well, Drew, too!)

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