Monday, February 10, 2014

Finally a Normal Week

After the snow melted the kids finally had a normal, full week of school.  And we had a normal week of work.  It was pretty normal which meant it was pretty boring.

Will had basketball practice Tuesday night and GrandBob came up to watch.  Will has so much fun in his practice.  My friend, Julie, whose son is on Will’s team, played pirates with Lindy the whole practice.  She was so nice to play with her the whole time! 

Thursday Lindy had PT for the first time in like 4 months.  Last time we went was October and we went back to the high brace.  Thankfully she looks pretty good.  We are taking the top strap off her brace and wearing the low brace after school and on weekends.  She wants her to build some strength in her calf muscles.  She said one is larger than the other.  Apparently the tall brace doesn’t make her calf work as much.  She showed her some awesome walking on the steps, alternating without holding on.  I would never actually let her do this but it’s good that she can.  She showed her some great standing with one foot in front of the other.  She can now jump on one foot with her right foot but can’t on her left foot.  But she said that would be hard in the tall brace.  We need to keep working on jumping with two feet together (which she was doing great tonight) and jumping on one foot on the left. 

Friday night we went out to eat and got Krispy Kreme doughnuts for dessert.  Yum!  Saturday Will had another basketball game and did about the same.  No tears and he was actually having some fun.  Still watched the clock but doing better.  We had another busy Saturday.  The kids finished their 100th day of school projects and finished their Valentines.  We even made Valentine cookies.  Store bought but home decorated!  Saturday night we headed to church for a yummy dinner and had fun playing Bingo.  None of us actually won at Bingo but we had fun.  Lindy didn’t really play and Will got mad that he didn’t win.  But it was still fun!

Yesterday we had church and then we went to the 80th birthday party of one of our past church members.  It was a surprise party and it was so fun!  Louise had told someone that she just wanted to sing and listen to good music so the first hour was a hymn sing and then there was a reception.  It was fun to see our old church members!


Krispy Kreme doughnuts!
100 Mickeys for 100 days of school!  While in Disney World we took pictures of 100 different Mickeys.  We ordered them and cut them out and the kids glued and taped them on posters!  We worked hard on these!
Valentine cookies Saturday afternoon.  Always an adventure to make cookies. 
Finishing up her Valentines!
Drew helping Will finish his Valentines!DSC_7735DSC_7738
Looking dapper for church on Sunday!

Beautiful girl!

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