Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow in NC!

I wrote so many posts from Disney World that I had to take a break.  Now two weeks have gone by and I’m hearing murmurings that it’s time for another post.

So let me see where I left off.  Oh, we got home from Disney World.  And I totally want to go back and forget about reality! 

Sunday we headed back to church and that afternoon we went to the trampoline park with our church friends.  The kids enjoyed bouncing off some energy. 

The kids headed back to school on Monday and we headed back to work and reality. Except what was supposed to be a normal week didn’t happen.  They started forecasting snow and Tuesday the kids ended up getting out of school two hours early.  Then they didn’t go to school again that week!  So much for a normal week.  We got a couple inches of snow, which is just enough to shut down the South. I was a little surprised they didn’t go Friday but apparently there were side roads that weren’t cleared.

The kids had fun sliding down our driveway.  It is just steep enough for them to have fun on.  Not steep enough that I have to be too worried about them.  The sun was shining bright but it was really cold outside.  We stayed out about an hour before they were done.  They sledded just enough to melt most of the driveway and I finished shoveling it with no problem.  

I worked from home Wednesday but had some appointments on Thursday.  They spent half a day with me at work on Friday.  I wouldn’t say a ton of work got done that week but we made it work!

Will had a basketball game that Saturday and did the best he had ever done.  Before his game Will and I played our own game at home.  We practiced checking the clock and then going back to the game.  We practiced covering his ears the last 5 seconds.  There were no tears and he was definitely much happier at the game.  He still watched the clock too much but he also dribbled down the court, passed the ball, got a rebound, and threw it in from out of bounds.  It was his best game! 

Saturday night we went over to Ed and Jamie’s for a nice dinner.  Back at our house, there was a lot of cleaning going on.  It was a nice weekend!

Sweet Girl!
Trampoline park
Cute outfit!
Really bright snow!!DSC_7667DSC_7670DSC_7674DSC_7676DSC_7679DSC_7684DSC_7696DSC_7699DSC_7708
Lindy is a star!
Heading to Will’s game!

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