Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hello October!

Hard to believe it’s October – and I don’t have Halloween outfits figured out!  So obviously I haven’t started on them.  One would think I would have until Halloween but oh no – we have family fun night at school on the 18th that the kids wear their costumes to.  I better get hopping this week!

September ended with sickness and October started with sickness.  Thankfully we were able to get some important days in this week. 

Tuesday Lindy had PT and it didn’t go so well.  The PT at her IEP meeting asked if she walks on her toes on her left foot.  Lindy has been in her short brace on her left side for 3 months now and apparently she has gotten weaker in that time.  Jill put a knee immobilizer on her and she was definitely dragging her toes on her left side.   I had brought her tall brace so we put her in that as well.  On the other hand she did great on some things.  She had the best balance I’ve ever seen on her left foot.  She was able to jump 2.5 times on her right foot.  She almost got one jump in on her left foot.  She couldn’t do this 3 months ago!  So frustrating that she is doing things she has never done but somehow is weaker and looks worse on her left side.  ugggg.  So what we ended up with is a new brace that we are trying for one week.  It’s a big, black ugly brace that I don’t love!  Partly because I hate the thought of having to go back up to a big brace but mostly because it’s black.  Not some cute color or one that blends in.  She is to wear the brace for one week, all day long, to see if it helps her stop falling so much and if she gets better heel to toe contact.  Apparently it’s an expensive brace (shocker) and Jill wants to see if it’s actually helpful before we order one.  It’s been 6 days and so far I don’t see any difference in the toe walking.  I know I really don’t want the brace but I seriously haven’t seen any improvement. 

Wednesday was the day Will’s been looking forward to all year.  At his open house we brought home a large star and we had to decorate it.  We put pictures of Will with us, with Lindy, playing soccer, t-ball, and putt-putt.  We had to bring it to school a week after school started and then he had to wait.  He is at the end of the alphabet so the poor boy had to sit through most of his class.  Finally Wednesday was his day and he was so excited.  He got to share his star and wear a star crown all day at school.

Wednesday night we met my parents and their best friends, Ken and Carolyn Cone for dinner.   I think I’ve known Cones most of my life.  They were the closest thing to family we had when we lived in Vermont and we spent many a holiday at their house.  They came to visit my parents last week and drove over for dinner so we could see them.   We enjoyed a nice evening downtown and I loved seeing them!

Thursday was another special day for Will.  He was the boy helper and he got to bring in a sharing object in a bag.  He picked his favorite stuffed animal Spot and we had to write three clues.  He got to read them in class and his classmates got to guess what was in the bag. 

Thursday night I got home from work and Will’s cheeks were flushed and Drew said he felt a little hot.  He told me his throat hurt.  Great…He was getting sick.  I took Lindy to choir practice and Will stayed home with Drew.  We put them to bed that night but he ended up in our bed.  Whenever he has a fever he always wakes up in the middle of the night soaking wet.  I changed his pjs and he felt like he was going to throw up so we put him in our bed.  He was feverish most of the night so he earned himself a day off of school.  I took a sick day and stayed home with him.  He laid on the couch and watched tv all day long.  He would only eat gold fish and he drank lots of water.  We had an uneventful day at home and a quiet evening.

Saturday Lindy cashed in on one of her birthday presents from Aunt Jamie and Uncle Ed.  Aunt Jamie bought them tickets to two plays at the Children’s Theatre.  They got to pick their plays.  Lindy’s play was first.  Jamie picked her up at 10am and they headed off to the play!  They got there early so they could sit on the front row but apparently Lindy said that hurt her ears because it was too loud.  It was her first real play so no one knew what to expect.  They made it almost to the end.  After the play Lindy went with Jamie back to their house where everyone was going to tailgate before the Wake football game.  I definitely wasn’t taking Will to the ball game but he was feeling better so we headed over for about an hour.  We headed home, with Lindy in tow too, while everyone else went to the game.  I seriously thought Wake would get beat badly so I was okay staying home.  Of course it was the best Wake has played in a long time and they killed State.  Of course.  

Today has been church, laundry, and I ended up grocery shopping.  I actually got a good bit done today.  Back to the grind tomorrow!

I took barely any pictures this week.  Here they are!

Lindy, Will and I with Ken and Carolyn.IMG_3128 Will can curl up in a ball in the smallest places!  I couldn’t find him at first – he was hiding!DSC_4443Not too sick to build a Halloween decoration out of magna tiles!  DSC_4444Lindy and Aunt Jamie headed out on their date!DSC_4446

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