Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fun Fall Family Times

The week started off perfect – with me and Drew off work and the kids in school.  ha ha!  A day at home by myself.  Those don’t come along too often anymore.  We got the kids off to school and then the cleaning commenced.  It’s been too long since the house was really cleaned and it felt good to get it done in a timely manner, without getting distracted a million times by “MOM!”  being called all day long! 

The rest of the week was pretty normal and went fast.  Well I guess it is not normal that we had my parents over for dinner on Wednesday night because it was my mom’s 29th birthday!  It’s still a pretty crazy thought that they live in NC and we can see them on birthdays now!  We made them dinner and enjoyed a little celebration.  Mom helped me bathe the kids and get them in bed and then she helped me with Lindy’s Halloween costume.  I pretty much finished it that night which was awesome! 

Friday night was the big night for the kids; what they had been waiting for since school started.  Family Fun Night at school.  They got to dress in their costumes and each classroom had a game.  There was food and bounce houses and slides and hula hoops.  The kids had a blast!  Drew and I just followed them around and ended up holding all the stuff they got.  I’m glad it’s come and gone!  They had fun seeing their friends and playing games.  We were all exhausted at the end!

Friday evening Drew also had two friends from college come into town for Wake’s homecoming game.  We dropped Drew off with them and the kids and I went home and crashed. 

Saturday morning we got up and the kids and I got to see Steve and Tim.  The kids loved showing them their toys.  It was definitely a lazy morning which was nice.  We got out the door around lunchtime and we headed to campus.  We caught the tail end of a big festival they were having on campus.  The kids had fun running around and playing the few games they still had set up.  We grabbed some lunch and headed to the game.  The game ended up great for the Deacs – they won!  After the game the kids and I headed home again to crash and Drew and his friends went out for dinner. 

Steve and Tim headed out this morning – Tim lives in Atlanta and Steve in Sarasota FL!  We headed to church and came home for a quick but yummy chicken stew lunch.  We packed back up and we met GrandBob and Suzette at a corn maze in Statesville.  The kids had fun playing all the games and activities and then we headed into the maze.  We got lost on turns number 1 and 9 but otherwise we did okay!  It was only about 65F outside but in the middle of a corn maze in the direct sun it felt about 85F.  We were all hot when we got out!  Especially if you had to carry Lindy – which Drew and I did.  Will loved the hill of hay and Lindy liked the cow train.  They got to play in the corn pit and slingshot apples.  We got home in time to make some pumpkin spice pancakes before bedtime that sure were yummy!

It was the perfect fall weekend!  Ample opportunity for lots of pictures too!

Happy Birthday, Nana!DSC_4582Singing with Hayley and Rylee on Facetime!DSC_4586DSC_4587Scary faces!  ha ha!DSC_4600DSC_4601Family Fun Night Dressing Up!  Lindy is going to be the sun this year and Will’s costume is not ready so he went as a baseball player.DSC_4607DSC_4609The kids were so excited to see the Monkey Hooper!  They used to take Hula Hooping classes with Monica and her twin daughters were in their classes last year.  We miss them!DSC_4610Lindy with her vision teacher, Ms. Donna.DSC_4612Lindy got to break a board in the tae kwan do demonstration!DSC_4619DSC_4620They had one of the steepest inflatable slides I’ve ever seen!  They loved it!DSC_4621DSC_4624Saturday on the Wake Forest campus!IMG_2799Of course she had to be the boy football player too!IMG_2800They had this flying fish game they played forever.  I thought this picture was funny because I caught the fishes head.  See it?!IMG_2803IMG_2805IMG_2807IMG_2810Lindy asked me to take her picture.  Music to my ears!IMG_2811So guess who had to have his taken, too?!IMG_2812IMG_2814Finally cool enough to break out the Halloween pj’s!DSC_4633Had to check out the glow in the dark aspect!DSC_4635Welcome to the Regal Corn Maze!DSC_4638Riding the cow train.DSC_4641The hill of hay Will played on forever.DSC_4645DSC_4647DSC_4649Corn pit!DSC_4657DSC_4659DSC_4667DSC_4668Warming up in the mini maze.DSC_4670Hay tunnels!DSC_4676DSC_4677A tradition -- seeing how tall they are!DSC_4686DSC_4688DSC_4689We are going to start seeing how much he shrinks each year.DSC_4690DSC_4691DSC_4693DSC_4695DSC_4696DSC_4699DSC_4700Our fearless leaderDSC_4703And the caboosesDSC_4704Suzette found her a dork in the maze!DSC_4708Discussing the answers to the question to see if we turned left or right.DSC_4709The elusive number nine!  We found you –eventually!DSC_4711Slingshot with apples!DSC_4718DSC_4722“Weekend at Bernie’s.”  Too much fun in one weekend for this girl!IMG_2825

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