Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

We did a few Halloween activities this past week which are putting us in the mood for Halloween this coming week!  Well, most of us.  One of the people in our house is a fuddy duddy.

I started last week out bright and early at the hospital.  I did another meeting talking to the NICU nurses – at 7am!  I must be crazy.  After the meeting I went over to school and waited for Drew to get there with the kids.  He had gotten them up and ready for school – but he refuses to do Lindy’s hair.  And she needs her hair pulled up every school day.  She has enough trouble seeing as it is.  It’s only worse when her hair is falling in her eyes.  So I met up with them and pulled her hair up real fast and took them to school.  I ended the night at the hospital as well.  I had a family advisory council meeting at 6pm and then I snuck out at 7pm to do my last meeting with the last set of NICU nurses.  I came back to the first meeting until it was over a little around 8:30pm.  Long day!

The rest of the week was much quieter.  Friday night we ate dinner at IHOP – a family favorite.  Ever since I introduced Will to French toast – he gets it whenever someone has it.  I have to say – it’s my favorite breakfast food, too. 

Saturday was another bright and early morning as we had our last March for Babies walk of the year in High Point.  It just happened to be the coldest temperatures we’ve seen this fall, too.  I was in the car at 5:30am and it was COLD!  Luckily I ended up with an inside job of creating a balloon arch – my first ever.  I was outside for the registration and start of the walk and then went back inside to count money.  Chilly, chilly, chilly.  We got back to the office and got everything unloaded and I got back home around 3:30pm. 

The kids had a fun day while I was away.  Drew took them up to the church bazaar for a little while in the early morning.  They came home and Aunt Jamie and Molly came over to get them to take them to a play.  The second and last for Lindy but the first for Will.  They saw the Very Hungry Caterpillar.  From what I hear they liked it and Lindy did much better.  Jamie said it wasn’t as loud and the characters were all big and easier for her to see. 

They got back home and had some lunch before heading out to the first birthday party of the school year.  It was for a boy in Lindy’s class and it was at a local YMCA.  Drew took Will with him and he ended up getting to play as well.  Drew said most all of the kids from her class were there.  They got home and we rested for just a little bit before heading over to Ed and Jamie’s house. 

Drew and I were invited to a murder mystery dinner party and Ed and Jamie were going to watch the kids for us.  The party was set in 1939 and Drew was assigned the role of a guitarist in a band and I was his adoring, stripper girlfriend. ha ha ha.  I thought the party was great fun.  I got a long dress from my boss at work and Jamie did my hair up.  We didn’t know most of the people at the party so I thought it was easy to stay in character!  We got a clue when we first walked in the door and my main role was to gush about my boyfriend and pick fights with girls who tried flirting with him.  The funny part was the lady whose main job was to flirt with him was about 55 years old.  ha ha!  The couple that did the party decorated their house like you wouldn’t believe.  It was amazing.  After hearing the finale (neither Drew nor I were the murderer or a victim) we headed to pick up the kids.  They were sleeping when we got there and had to load them in the car and get them home. 

This morning we had church and then it was about getting things done this afternoon.  We did take time to carve our pumpkins.  The kids enjoyed it a lot.  I have an app on my phone that lets you ‘carve’ pumpkins.  It has tons of choices for eyes, mouths, and noses.  Before we carved I looked through it with the kids and we planned their pumpkins.  It made it pretty easy to actually have a plan!  Lindy named hers Bob and she loves Bob.  She told Bob she loved him many times this afternoon! 

Looking forward to Halloween this week and the debut of Will’s costume – which is amazingly almost done. 

Heading to Devonshire Manor for the murder mystery party!IMG_2883Here is one of their basement rooms they totally transformedIMG_2887Last time we were at their house all those cases had football memorabilia in them!  IMG_2888They had a stable in another room downstairs!  It was crazy!IMG_2890And today – the carving of the pumpkins!DSC_4918She dug right in this year.DSC_4919Her serious pumpkin guts digging face.DSC_4921DSC_4922He didn’t want to touch at first.DSC_4923but he finally dug in, too!DSC_4927DSC_4931The actual carving of the face!DSC_4933DSC_4934”Bob, I love you, Bob!”DSC_4935DSC_4937Trying to do it together.DSC_4941The finished product.  Lindy wanted to go scary this year!DSC_4944Will wanted his to be happy again!DSC_4945DSC_4946DSC_4948DSC_4951DSC_4952My pumpkins with their pumpkins!DSC_4960

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