Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dixie Classic Fair Time!

Last week wasn’t really all that exciting – except for the Dixie Classic Fair. 

Tuesday I volunteered in Lindy’s science lab special.  Our children are so different!  Will hardly acknowledges your presence and Lindy runs and hugs you and is so excited to see you!  I have enjoyed volunteering in their classrooms to see who the trouble makers are!  Lindy was really good so I was proud of her!

Wednesday I spoke to a group of NICU nurses at the hospital where the kids were at the longest.  They are getting these cameras for the isolettes that parents can log in from a computer and see their baby.  The nurses are a bit apprehensive so they wanted a parent to speak to them.  We would have loved them!  Even though I spent all day with them.  They would have been especially helpful when Lindy was at Duke for 1.5 months after Will came home.

Thursday we checked the kids out of school early (gasp!) and we headed to the Dixie Classic Fair.  There was a nip in the air and overcast but hardly any crowds.  The kids hardly had to wait to get on a ride.  They loved it.  Of course.  We looked around and finally let them ride rides.  We ate lots of bad food – Amish doughnut, corndogs, apple dumplings, London broil sandwich, funnel cake and deep fried milky way!  One day a year we eat that bad! 

Friday after school Drew picked the kids up and stopped by my office before driving them down to Charlotte for the weekend.  They went down and spent the weekend with Mimo and Anna.  Drew ate dinner and then headed home.  I went to Katie’s house Friday night and we started Will’s Halloween costume.  I won’t say what it is yet – but it involved my first ever experience with papier mache.  And it lasted all night.  And it’s nowhere near finished.  uggggg.

Saturday I was up and gone early in the morning on my way to Cary to see my bff from high school, Carrie.  Carrie just birthed her third girl baby so I went to meet Miss Nora.  What a sweet thing she was.  I can’t believe she has three kids.  It was great to snuggle with Nora and then hand her back and leave! ha!  After I left Carrie’s I met up with my college friends, Nicole and Joanna, and we headed to the big city of Tarboro for the night.  We met up with two other college friends Heather and Julie and a new friend, Julie’s cousin, Jennifer.  We had a fun evening hanging and eating at a really nice restaurant in Tarboro.  Sunday morning we headed back to Durham, then I headed back home. I stopped and did some shopping for Lindy’s Halloween costume.  I got everything I need and I hope hers will be quick and easy.  Fingers crossed!

Lynn and Anna brought the kids back up but first stopped at the fair again!  The kids got to go twice!  They met Anna’s boyfriend, Brian, as well.  They spent the afternoon there and got back to our house around 5:30pm. 

Lindy has turned into the kissing bandit this week.  I have never seen a child lay on so many kisses as she has lately.  She loves to hug and kiss you.  I guess that’s good because Will told me this morning that sometimes my kisses bug him.  He is not a happy camper in the morning.  I’ll just have to start kissing the bandit some more!

I do finally have some interesting pictures!

Cute outfit from last week – and the big black ‘soccer brace.’  We gave it back on Thursday and I really don’t think it helped her.  We are trying her tall brace with the strap on this week.DSC_4450The firemen came to school last week.DSC_4452DSC_4454Dixie Classic Fair Swifty Swine pig racing!DSC_4461DSC_4465DSC_4469DCF 2013DSC_4470Fun on the rides!DSC_4472DSC_4480DSC_4482He did this strange face the whole ride – on purpose.  It was actually pretty funny!DSC_4490Dizzy Dragons for the first time.  DSC_4493We ran into Lindy’s primary nurse from the NICU at the fair.  I had seen her the day before at the hospital and we saw her again.  DSC_4501First time on this ride too.DSC_4506DSC_4507It was a hit!  It dropped them down a little at a time.DSC_4511DSC_4513DSC_4517DSC_4524DSC_4526He rode the super slide over and over and over.DSC_4531Lindy wasn’t tall enough to go by herself – and she was not happy about it either!DSC_4541DSC_4542DSC_4546DSC_4549DSC_4551With the DCF Mascot.DSC_4563First time on the Fire Chief.  IMG_2732Another big hit!IMG_2737I got flowers last week.  From my sweet husband.  For no reason Smile  IMG_2701Sweet Baby Nora!IMG_2748DSC_4568College friends from UNCW!DSC_4578Second fair trip with Lynn and Anna!photo 11photo 15First time on the swings.  I hear it was a big hit!photo 18He looks like he is praying!photo 23photo 25We didn’t have time for the Ferris wheel so I’m glad they got to do it on Sunday!photo 28photo 30

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