Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kindergarten Registration

The weeks go by so fast!  This week was especially busy at work so it went by even faster.

The kids were supposed to have Monday off but they went for a snow make up day.  They didn’t seem to mind – wait, I don’t think they ever knew they were supposed to have it off! 

Tuesday and Wednesday were crazy days for me.  We had early morning kick off breakfasts and I was up at 4:40am one day and 4:30am another day.  Early early.   Drew had to get them dressed, ready and to school.  He successfully managed to get Lindy’s hair up when I was out of town in January, but it was a no go on Tuesday.  He said he tried but it wasn’t working.  I don’t think he tried on Wednesday! 

Wednesday after our early morning breakfast I went and spoke to a group of student nurses at UNCG.  I was asked by a former youth group member to speak from the perspective of a parent.  It was nice to tell them about the nurses we loved and will always remember and then the nurses who could have done things differently. 

Wednesday afternoon Lindy had hearing therapy with Ms. Asbury.  She worked pretty good.  Ms. Asbury said she is basically done with the auditory learning guide.  How can that be???  It seemed like we’d never get there!  We are checking one more thing but we think she has that.  She has come so far with her talking and listening!!

Thursday after school we took the kids to register for kindergarten!  How can that be?  We had to register them at our ‘home’ school, even though that is not where we want them to go.  We registered them but filled out a ‘choice card’ for another school in our zone.  We had no clue what to expect and it was actually just paperwork.  The kids were pretty bored.  After we got all the paperwork turned in I asked about Lindy and her IEP.  I spoke with a lady who then called the head of hearing/speech for the county (whom we’ve worked with and who knows Lindy).  I got to speak with her and we talked about a couple options we have been considering for Lindy.  She said she would check into them and get back to me this week.  So it’s still kind of up in the air where they will go to school.  Will is kind of along for the ride and will go wherever Lindy goes to school.  I’m glad the process is started and we’ll see where they end up.  I just can’t believe they are old enough for kindergarten. 

Thursday Drew took the kids to choir practice while I cleaned up the garage.  When they got back, Uncle Ed came over and they moved our old junky couch  out to the garage because our new, pretty one was being delivered on Friday!!  Lindy was so funny that night.  I think she was just really tired but she started crying about something and then it turned into crying about the couch.  She didn’t want us to get rid of the couch.  She was so pitiful! 

Thursday night they put the school system on a 2 hour delay for Friday because of the chance of some light wintery weather and a little freezing rain.  Not too long after they did that they cancelled school!  Friday we took our time getting up and I worked from home.  The couch got delivered around 12pm which was oh so very exciting.  We love it and Lindy is okay with it now!  I headed to work in the afternoon.  But we got practically no bad weather.  We woke up to barely a dusting of snow that morning and rain.  It never got cold enough for freezing rain. I think cancelling school was a little premature but they didn’t ask me.  The kids enjoyed an extra day off.

Drew now picks the kids up from school.  They play for awhile while he gets more work done.  Then he has been doing some fun things with them.  They have been to a couple different parks, been to a used bookstore, and Krispy Kreme.  They are having fun with their daddy.

We have had a lazy weekend around here.  It rained and was cold on Saturday but we went out and ran errands all afternoon.  The kids didn’t want to go in anywhere so I mostly ran in each store and got what I needed.  We did make it home to see the end of the Wake Forest/Miami game!  Go Deacs! Taking down the #2 team in the country! 

Today we had church and lunch at church afterwards.  I ran some errands and we’ve messed around some more. 

Okay, here are some pictures. 

Lindy is sporting an outfit that I wore when I was young.  Probably 1981 or 1982.  Still looks good!DSC_0602Saying goodbye to the old couch.  Yes, I’m a sentimental dork.  I’ve had this couch since 1999.  14 years!  I’ve known it longer than I’ve known Drew.DSC_0605DSC_0610DSC_0612We sure did have Uncle Ed take our last family picture on it!DSC_0613Missing the couch!  Is this not so pitiful?DSC_0617DSC_0618Our new living room!!!DSC_0620Ain’t she pretty??DSC_0622She likes it!  Lindy likes the couch!DSC_0624DSC_0625Today before church.  He was mad and trying not to smile!DSC_0626Pretty girl!DSC_0628

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