Sunday, February 3, 2013

Are You Ready For Some…Bowling?

This has been a busy week… Aren’t they all.  But this one is different because Drew left for Israel on Tuesday with a group of pastors from our conference.  It was a once in a lifetime, FREE, trip to Israel for him.  The kids and I are holding down the fort at home. 

I feel like I didn’t seem him much before he left.  Monday I worked most of the day and then I had a meeting for my family advisory council that I’m on for our local children’s hospital.  I had to be at work early Tuesday morning and then he left at 12:30pm.  Thankfully Mimo arrived in town just in time to pick the kids up from school and then spent the week with us.  She has been a lifesaver and a huge help.

Wednesday was pajama day at school – by far the easiest day of the year to get the kids dressed!  Love it!  They got to wear pj’s, bring their favorite stuffed animal (Spot for Will and Mr. Quakers for Lindy), and then they got pancakes for snack!  Can you guess that it’s P week at preschool? 

Thursday Mimo picked the kids up from school and took them for lunch at Chick fil A.  They got to eat and play in the play space and then she rode over to my office.  I grabbed Lindy and we headed to an ophthalmology appointment.  At first things were moving so fast.  We had hardly sat down when they called our number to check in.  We had hardly sat down when they called us back to the pediatric waiting area.  We walked in the pediatric office to the doctor standing there and waiting for us.  Lindy grabbed his finger and said, “Come on Dr. Weaver” and started walking into his office.  He said, “Are you joining the ranks of women who tell me what to do every day?”  He put an eye patch on her glasses over her left eye (her best eye) and asked her to read some letters on a screen at the the end of the little hallway (At least 10 feet away).  She couldn’t see them.  He put the patch on her right eye (her bad eye) and she read the letters no problem.  Go girl!  He hadn’t dilated her eyes for awhile so he did that.  Then things slowed way down.  He had 4 other patients come in during the time her eyes were dilating.  Then we had to just wait on them.  And wait.  And wait.  He finally got back to Lindy and he checked her glasses prescription.  He actually measured it just slightly better than last time.  I somehow doubt her eyes are getting better – I just think it has to do with working with a squirmy 5 year old.  He said we don’t need to get new glasses since it is pretty close.  After her appointment we stopped by the eye shop and got her glasses cleaned.  As in they took out the lenses out and cleaned all the food out.  They are so pretty now!  We finally got home and we were only there about 30 minutes before we headed back out the door to dinner with some church friends.  We had a yummy dinner at Little Italy and then we all headed to choir practice at church.

Friday Mimo brought the kids home after school and we met Ed and Jamie for dinner that evening. 

Saturday morning I got out to run a few errands and then Mimo headed home to see her pups.  And to get a break.  Lindy has said Mimo approximately 32, 679 times since she got here.  That girl is non-stop.  Lynn has been working hard in the mornings at an old house of Ed’s and then watching the kids in the afternoon.  No wonder she was tired!  The good news is she is coming back!!!  We are all happy she is coming back! 

The rest of Saturday consisted of the kids and I just hanging out around the house.  We played the Wii, watched TV, I cleaned some, and then I let the kids go swimming take a bath in my bathtub.  I think they had a fun day. 

Today was another fun day.  We headed to church this morning – kind of strange to not have Drew preaching!  We left church and drove straight to Greensboro to meet up with the local Deaf/Blind group.  This was the first time we have gotten to do something with the group.  The kids got to bowl for two hours and eat pizza so that is a good afternoon.  We only knew one other family there but I did get to talk to another family I’ve been wanting to talk to that has a daughter similar to Lindy.  Her daughter is in 6th grade so they have been through our local school system so they know the ropes.  I plan to chat with them some more – when I’m not having to help two kids bowl.  They had the ramp out and Will was able to do it mostly by himself except he wanted me to help him aim the  ramp.  Lindy needed a little help carrying her ball to the ramp but did everything else by herself otherwise.  They did have a lot of fun.

We have had an interesting end of the week.  And by interesting I mean bad.  The kids had some practice drills this week at school.  They had a severe weather drill on Wednesday.  They seemed fine with that though.  But Thursday they had a fire drill.  And Will hasn’t been fine since then.  He told Lynn about it Thursday afternoon and then he started crying at bedtime.  He was scared that our smoke detectors would go off and our house would catch on fire.   He finally fell asleep after I was in there a couple times.  He woke up a little early Friday morning and I told him it wasn’t time to get up yet and he was crying when I went back in 15 minutes later.  I tried comforting and consoling him but it just got worse.  I finally had to just say, “Enough.”   Friday night he did the same thing at bedtime and then he was up crying about it at 4am Saturday morning.  For 45 minutes.   We had a long talk yesterday about the chances of it actually happening being very, very small.  He seemed to feel a little better and he did go to bed fine last night.  But he was up at 6am this morning asking what the chances of smoke happening in our house was.  Mama is tired.  We talked more today about it and he did go to bed fine tonight as well.  We will see what time he wakes up in the morning.  There have been just a couple other times where he has been scared at night, like about a monster.  I told him monsters are just people dressed up in costumes and he was okay with that.  But this is different.  He is seriously scared.  I think it’s 50% being scared of the noise (he does not like loud noises) and 50% being scared our house will catch on fire.  I’ve told him 100,001 times that our house will not catch on fire.  Lets hope it never catches on fire. 

This got long, sorry!  Here are some pictures from the week.  Somehow I didn’t get any with Mimo.  I’ll catch her this week.

I was doing an exercise walking video and was carrying extra weights this morning!DSC_0392DSC_0393Pirate day at school.  Actually it was pirate or princess day.  Lindy hates princesses and loves pirates.  She was the only girl pirate!  She has loved pirates for 2 years now!  DSC_0394DSC_0397DSC_0399Playing the Wii on Saturday – dressed like a pirate!DSC_0403DSC_0405They kids got a Valentine box in the mail this week.  They got homemade Valentine’s blankets.  Hayley made them for the kids!  They love them!DSC_0406DSC_0410Having fun in the bath last night.DSC_0420DSC_0416DSC_0417Will LOVED bowling today!DSC_0424DSC_0428DSC_0429DSC_0430DSC_0431She found the little fan!DSC_0436Taking a little break this afternoon.DSC_0437DSC_0438DSC_0442Our Super Bowl party!DSC_0450Will had his eye closed in every picture!  DSC_0456

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Hi Jamie! Been awhile since I've been on, life has been so crazy lately!! Anyway, looks like everyone's doing well and the kids are growing and developing so much too, how fun! I finally updated on mine, hoping to get caught back up from the last year, I've missed it! Talk to you soon!