Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tee Ball!

February is over?  How did that happen?  I’m going to blink and it will be Christmas again!

We had a good week.  On Monday, I went to a really neat presentation at our local children’s hospital about webcams in the NICU on each isolette.  It was really cool and I’d have loved to have had it when the kids were in the NICU.  The IT and Risk Management people weren’t so excited because I’m sure it’s a logistical nightmare but parents and families will LOVE it! 

Tuesday the kids had gymnastics and Wednesday they had a dentist appointment.  6 months ago Lindy did awesome.  She stayed in the big room and didn’t throw up.  I started talking about this appointment a week ago and she seemed cool with it.  She was cool until they called her back.  Then she lost her cool.  As we were walking back she started crying and begged Drew to pick her up. She was clinging to him.  We skipped the big room and headed straight to smaller, private room.  I got Will situated and then went to be with Lindy.  She was having nothing to do with the chair or laying down.  She ended up sitting on me and laying back on this mat type thing that was between my lap and the hygienist’s lap.  Once she started looking in her mouth Lindy was fine.  She just got herself all worked up for nothing.  She let them do everything, including the fluoride, and there was no gagging or throwing up.  They both got great reports from the dentist.  No cavities and teeth looked good.  We are good to go for another 6 months. 

Thursday night the kids had choir practice.  Friday night we met Uncle Ed and Aunt Jamie for dinner. 

Saturday was the exciting day in our house – Will’s first tee ball practice!  I had been asking Will if he wanted to play soccer again and he said no.  I asked if he wanted to try something else and I suggested tee ball.  He said yes he wanted to try it.  Drew thought he agreed to it just to get out of soccer but we aren’t sure.  That morning Drew got offered some free tickets to the Wake Forest basketball game so he and Lindy headed to that before lunch.  Will and I headed to tee ball at 1pm.  He has a buddy from church on his team and the coach is the father of the buddy from church.   They have 8 players on their team.  Their team name is Texas Tech (??? random??!).  It was SO cold outside!  I had him dressed warmly and we headed out.  They started out running bases and then they worked on batting and fielding.  Will has never played before so they had to show him how to do everything.  He was having fun and really enjoying it though.  Drew and I have been pretty skeptical but after watching him, I’m glad we are giving it a try.  There are 3 girls and 5 boys on the team.  There are a hand full that haven’t ever played so he isn’t the only one.  Drew and Lindy left the game after half time, after Chris Paul had his jersey retired, and got to see the last half of practice.  The hardest part of the day was hearing Lindy keep saying “I want to play tee ball.”  Breaks my heart that she doesn’t understand why she can’t play!  We have a glove for her and she has a ball so she is okay for now. 

Today we had church and a potluck after church.   Drew gave a presentation on his Israel trip after lunch. 

Now for some pictures:

Will added some magna tile walls and some lego tunnels to the track this week.DSC_0631Love this happy boy!DSC_0632The kids set up an obstacle course with ‘booty traps’.  Lindy sat on one side and dumped pillows and Will sat on the other and dumped a bucket of balls.  They thought it was great fun!DSC_0635Here come the pillows!DSC_0637This is me going through.  Can you see the huge smile on Will’s face!  They thought it was so fun!DSC_0643DSC_0647Lindy getting ready to go through!DSC_0649Cute girl!DSC_0655I got a birthday present in the mail on Saturday – a new beach bag!  It’s huge – so big Will fit inside!DSC_0657DSC_0658After Drew and Lindy left Sat. Will and I did a ‘science’ experiment.  He was reading the directions to me.  We were listening to the sounds as you banged a metal spoon against the glasses.DSC_0659He learned all about vibrations making the sounds.DSC_0661DSC_0663Off to tee ball we went!  He was getting ready to run the bases!DSC_0664DSC_0668Waiting to bat.DSC_0670DSC_0672Coach A.J. was teaching him to bat.DSC_0673DSC_0674Talking A.J.’s ear off.  He was telling him that he had a book that told him how baseballs are made.  DSC_0675Working on fielding the ball.DSC_0677DSC_0678DSC_0679Trouble eventually showed up!DSC_0680DSC_0682Good job buddy!DSC_0684Letting Sister run the bases after practice.DSC_0687Sister also had to make some water music as well.DSC_0689Looking super cute on the way to church this morning.DSC_0701DSC_0704I got a good one on the first try.  I don’t think that has ever happened before.  Ever.DSC_0707We did the experiment again with more and bigger glasses. DSC_0709DSC_0710

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