Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ides of March

Is it Sunday again?  I swear these weeks are going too fast for my liking.

It was a pretty normal week for us.  We are settling in to my working gig.  We definitely have a new normal schedule now.  I will give a shout out to Drew as he has been awesome with this whole job thing.  (He definitely wanted me to do it – he saw dollar signs!).  He has had to watch the kids more, help more with the house, help more with meals.  But he has been amazing with everything!

Monday I met Lindy at physical therapy and we headed in for an appointment at 4pm.  She did okay.  We changed our times because of my job and I think she was a little more tired at 4pm than she is usually at 2pm.  She did some things pretty well though, like standing with one foot in front of the other. She did it the best she’s ever done it.  We walked in the door just as Drew and Will were heading out the door for tee ball practice. 

Tuesday they had gymnastics and Thursday they had choir practice.  These are normal weekly activities though.  Friday I picked the kids up and took them back to the office with me for awhile and Drew picked them up at 3pm.  Lindy had started sneezing on Thursday and we could tell she was starting to get sick.  We were going to go out for dinner Friday night, but by the time Drew picked her up you could tell she didn’t feel well.  She ended up in our bed around 2am. 

Saturday was a low key day at home.  Drew was gone all morning so the rest of us took it easy.  Lindy was running a fever and you could tell she didn’t feel well.  The day included lots of TV and leap pad games.  Bob showed up around 1pm and hung out for awhile and then Drew, Bob, Will and Ed all went to a Wake baseball game at 4pm.  Lindy and I hung out and did more of the same – nothing.  Well, she did nothing. I got some of the house cleaned and a good chunk of our taxes done. 

She slept better last night – in her bed all night – but I kept her home from church.  Didn’t want to get anyone else sick.  As soon as she started getting sick on Friday I refilled her prescriptions for singulair and the albuterol inhaler and got her going on them.  It was the beginning of March last year when Lindy went into the hospital with pneumonia and we are determined not to let that happen again!  No, no, no.  I’ve had her on every four hours albuterol all weekend trying to stave anything major off.  We might not be totally out of the woods but she really didn’t have a fever and acted much better today.  Fingers crossed she gets through this fine!

This evening I took Will to tee ball practice since I hadn’t been out of the house since I walked in Friday night.  It was in the mid 60’s and a great evening for practice.  Will is really enjoying tee ball.  Drew has worked with him this week and he is definitely throwing better.  Tonight at practice he hit it when the coach pitched it to him.  He still runs away from the ball a little bit but he is loving it.  He told Drew he hustled tonight at practice!  

I took 10 pictures this week.  A possible all time low! 

The kids built an airplane and have played in it all week.  They have been to Machu Picchu, Madagascar, India, and Israel.  They have been busy this week!  Hearing them say Machu Picchu is so cute!DSC_0711The cheesiest smiles ever!DSC_0712Heading to the baseball game in a new hat that GrandBob got him.DSC_0718DSC_0719Sick girl in pjs and her new hat.  DSC_0720

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