Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  We’ve had a pretty uneventful Irish celebration.

It’s been a semi uneventful week when I look back at my calendar.  How come it didn’t feel that way? 

We did keep Lindy home from school on Monday because she woke up and was coughing a ton.  I got her all ready to go but then she started saying she didn’t feel good and she was still coughing.  Drew took Will to school and about that time she stopped coughing.  ugggg.  I think she just had junk back there and she had to get it moving.  I worked from home that morning and she was perfectly fine.  Oh well.  After last year’s early March pneumonia scare, we were playing it safe. 

Tuesday the kids had gymnastics and Thursday they had choir practice.  I picked the kids up from school on Friday and they came to the office with me for awhile.  Drew eventually picked them up and took them home. 

I spent the evenings tagging and hanging clothes for my mothers of multiples consignment sale.  I went to help set up and take my clothes on Friday night after work.  I did some shopping too – but didn’t think there was as much good stuff this year. 

Saturday morning we got up and exercised and did some cleaning.  I had to leave to go get any leftover things from the consignment sale – thankfully not too much came back home!  Drew took the kids to Will’s tee ball practice.  It was in the 70’s so it was a great day for practice.  After I got my clothes I ran by the mall and found the kids an Easter outfit.  I got Lindy a dress from Crazy 8 and then found Will the most perfectly matching shirt from Gymboree and I had great coupons for both!  Score!

It was such a gorgeous day that I came home and got the kids and we headed to King to Central Park.  The kids weren’t impressed with the playground – frankly I wasn’t either.  It had a ridiculously steep slide for this tiny little play structure.  But they do have a cute little pond that we walked around and watched the ducks.  I enjoyed taking a leisurely stroll around it. 

We woke up today to find that a very naughty little leprechaun had visited our house overnight.  He was so naughty – he made a very big mess in the kids’ room and in the den and play room.  The kids think this is just the funniest thing ever.  I was destroying the kids room last night by opening drawers, pulling socks and underwear out, emptying their laundry basket on the floor and I decided I would put big boy pants on Will’s favorite stuffed animal, Spot, and big girl pants on Lindy’s bear in her bed.  Will woke up at 5:30am yelling for us because he woke up and saw the underwear on Spot.  Drew said he kept muttering and pointing and Drew finally asked him if he thought a leprechaun could have done it.  He ripped them off and went back to sleep.  Will woke up first and saw all the damage – including the stool pulled over to the toilet and green toilet water.  He pointed everything out to Lindy once she woke up.  They couldn’t believe the mess!  I tried to make them shamrocks out of donuts this morning – it was kind of a stretch! 

We headed to church and the kids sang today.  They did pretty well.  Lindy started off between two microphones but by the end had inched herself in front of one of the kids standing in front of one of the microphones so that he was now standing behind Lindy.  She is a rascal.  Before they sang their songs they did the opening worship music with vacation bible school songs.  She put on quite the show.  She was pretty much standing in one spot but man she was dancing.  She kept picking up one leg over and over and then would switch legs.  It was a new move I guess.  At one point she got down on all fours and was attempting some dance move and thankfully her choir teacher stood her back up.  During children’s time she totally monopolized the conversation – about a totally different topic than what the leader asked about.  I finally had to get on the ground and get her because she would not stop talking about exercising.  At one point she said, “You lift your leg up.  My dad taught me that.”  Then something strange happened.  One of our favorite guys in church came in with a big huge baby bonnet on his head and a huge baby bottle and they were calling him big baby.  He was helping the leader of children’s time.  Lindy did not like it.  She got scared and started whimpering.  I kept telling her it was just Mr. Eddie but I think she just couldn’t really see what it was.  After children’s time was over we stood up and she just started crying.  I picked her up and carried her out and we saw Mr. Eddie, out of costume, in the narthex.  We stopped and talked to him and I showed her it was just Mr. Eddie.  She was fine with him there and gave him a huge.  It was odd!  I’ve never really seen her scared of much!

The rest of the day has been much less eventful.  We took a family shopping trip to Target.  The kids whined the whole time.  Neither wanted to go in the first place but Drew said it was family time.  Not sure what got into him – he hates shopping.  After the trip to Target we went to Walmart but they stayed in the car while I ran in.

I’ve become a weekend photographer since starting working.  Here is what we did this weekend.   

Lindy was super excited yesterday to find out Nana and Papa had sent more donuts for St. Patrick’s day.  She had to carry them all to the table!DSC_0721This week they built LeapPad Mountain and have spent their free time on it.DSC_0725At the park Saturday, feeding the ducks.DSC_0727DSC_0728DSC_0732DSC_0733DSC_0735DSC_0737DSC_0738DSC_0741DSC_0743DSC_0745DSC_0748DSC_0749DSC_0751Will finding things the naughty leprechaun had done!DSC_0752DSC_0753Finding the stool pushed over to the toilet and green water from leprechaun pee pee!DSC_0754Lindy and Jack checking out the mess of books.  DSC_0761The leprechaun was playing dress up with the kids’ underwear and their stuffed animals!DSC_0765DSC_0766DSC_0768Look at that mess!DSC_0770Lindy finding more messes!DSC_0773DSC_0776Nana and Papa also sent lottery tickets.  Will won $1DSC_0778and Lindy won $5.  She was the big winner in our house!DSC_0781I tried to make shamrocks with donuts.DSC_0782DSC_0784DSC_0785The kids singing in church today.  See how Lindy ended up in front of the boy with the green plaid shirt?DSC_0788DSC_0791Shamrock straws!DSC_0797DSC_0798DSC_0799Mom’s Lucky charm!DSC_0803My Little Leprechauns – trouble makers who cause messes!DSC_0804DSC_0811Mr. Lucky!  (who needs a hair cut something bad!)DSC_0815

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