Sunday, February 6, 2011

Of Course Will Got Sick

So Will did get sick, but thankfully not as bad as Lindy.  We skipped church last week because he didn’t feel good.  He didn’t feel very good on Monday either.

Monday morning  he told me his ear hurt.  He’s never told me something like that before.  I didn’t really have a reason to doubt him but it was also the first time he’s said something like that.  I gave him some medicine to see if that helped but he still mentioned it one other time.  I called the doctor after his nap but they couldn’t get us in.  We went in early Tuesday morning and sure enough, he had an ear infection.  It was pretty nice that he could tell me now.  Our doctor had to clean some wax out of his ear and it was disgusting.  He was such a big boy sitting there because I have a feeling it didn’t feel good.  She said he had really little ear canals so wax would get caught in there.  We clean his ears in the bath, but that obviously doesn’t get it all.

On a normal, healthy day, the kids get to watch tv for an hour from 4:30-5:30pm.  When they are sick we let them lay on the couch and watch tv all day.  I think Will was using his illness to get TV this week.  He had started feeling better but he would come tell me, “I don’t feel good, can I watch tv?”  Or “I need to watch another show, I still feel bad.”  We had to cut him off once he felt better.  That boy LOVES watching TV!

Although Will was sick, Lindy was doing much better and she headed back to school.  It was nice to get her back into her regular schedule. 

Wednesday was an interesting day – to say the least.  After school I picked Lindy up and we headed home to eat a quick lunch.  We headed to music class but had to leave early because the kids had a dentist appointment.  I had hoped Drew could go with me but he had a meeting and couldn’t come.  Therefore I headed solo to this appointment and was praying this one was better than their first dentist appointment.   We got in and they called us back and Will climbed up in the chair like a big boy.  He had a little moment of wanting Mommy but then he realized I was right next to him and he was fine.  He was such a big boy.  They cleaned his teeth, scraped a little, took an x-ray of his front tooth since it has a small chip in it, and then put on a fluoride treatment.  He did it all by himself.  Lindy on the other hand had to be convinced to do anything.  I had to kind of lay on her and hold her hands but she eventually let the hygienist clean her teeth and scrape a little bit.  For a little while I actually thought it was going well!  Silly me!  When they finished with the hygienist we had to wait a few minutes for the dentist  to come in.  Then things went downhill – fast.  The dentist looked in Lindy’s mouth and she started putting on her fluoride treatment.  Lindy gagged a bit so I asked if we could set her up.  We did and then the dentist quickly tried to get the rest of the fluoride on her teeth.  Lindy sat up when she was done but she was still gagging.  I was watching her close and sure enough she starting throwing up.  I caught it in my hands thankfully.  The hygienist got me some paper towels and I got the throw up off my hands into the trash.  But Lindy rarely only throws up once.  The first time is usually just a little bit and then she erupts.  Which is exactly what happened.  She emptied her entire lunch into my hands and up my arm.  It ended up being a disaster because it ended up getting everywhere.  All over her shirt, pants, shoes, socks, braces.  And it just happened to be the one day where I decided not to bring the diaper bag inside with me.  So I had NO change of clothes for her.  They ended up giving me a t-shirt – a youth medium t-shirt for her to wear.  She rode out of the dentist office in the stroller in just a diaper, really long t-shirt and her little fleece coat.  Thankfully it was 65F outside and I had clothes in the car for her.  I was so embarrassed!!!   We got out of there as quickly as we could!  I guess the best news is that their teeth looked good and they had no cavities!

Thursday was a busy day for me.  The kickoff for the March for Babies walk was early in the morning.  The theme for our walk is ‘Get March for Babies Fit'.’  The community director had a few teams ‘weigh in’ to show how much money they had raised.  They had a large business team who in the last 10 years had raised $200,000, a small business team who in the last 5 years has raised $5000, a local elementary school who had raised $4600, and OUR team, who in the last 3 years has raised $12,300!!  And actually we’ve raised more than that but that $12,300 doesn’t include a lot of our matching donations.  I was so proud of our team!  Keep watching for March for Babies info – it’s coming soon!  Thursday afternoon I had a meeting at the hospital for a new NICU committee that I’m on.  They are starting a two year project dealing with respiratory care and they want a parent on the committee.  Some of it was way over my head but it was still really interesting!

We haven’t done anything this weekend except get the kids a haircut and get Drew some new shoes.  We’re going to a Super Bowl party at church in a little while.

Sweet sick buddy on Monday evening.DSC_6339Pretty girl!DSC_6349A typical man.  Hands in pants must make a sick boy feel better!DSC_6352Are those not the sweet little feet ever?  Check out her crazy crooked toes.DSC_6361DSC_6367The shirt Lindy wore out of the dentist office.  Imagine her with no pants and a little fleece jacket.  DSC_6386When Lindy puts her glasses on this is the look we get.DSC_6395We had game night Friday night.  We played Ants in the Pants for the first time.  It was a hard game.  DSC_6400Lindy kept trying to put her ants in the pants instead of flipping them in.DSC_6402Hey, he got one in!!DSC_6404DSC_6410Will’s new haircut!DSC_6411Lindy’s new haircut!DSC_6414Lindy was putting her monkey to bed last night.DSC_6422The kids before church.DSC_6426DSC_6427Sibling love at its finest!DSC_6432DSC_6433DSC_6435DSC_6437


MA said... heart goes out to you about the dentist's office. All moms have "those moments" but that sounded pretty intense! Sounds like you were a trooper!

becca said...

oh boy! I hate you had a rough week with Will being sick and Lindy at the Dentist! Yikes! We are scheduled to take our 3 year old to the Dentist for the first time on Monday. I am not looking forward to it because he is a fighter and has a horrible gag reflex. I'll make sure we bring extra clothes because I'm afraid he will end up like poor little Lindy! :(

As always, love the pictures!

Andrea said...

Wow....sickness and throw up. Not a fun time at all! Glad you got through it! Them too! The pictures are sweet and adorable! I hope this is a great week!