Sunday, February 13, 2011

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Wow, I had bunch of meetings this week. 

Monday afternoon was Lindy’s reevaluation meeting with the school system.   The meeting was interesting.  There is a big issue with Lindy and her categories.  Right now her primary category is developmentally delayed.  The county we moved from put both hearing impaired and visually impaired as her secondary category.  Our new county says they cannot have two things in the secondary category.  We were just starting to get into discussing it when they decided to call one of the head ladies in charge to ask some questions.  When they did, they realized that they did not have a piece of paperwork they needed.  After an hour the meeting was adjourned because we didn’t have all the paperwork.  uggggg.  Now we have to meet and do everything again – and make the decisions about her categories. 

I don’t think I’ve mentioned on the blog that about a month ago there was talk of moving Lindy from the hearing impaired classroom because she is doing SOOOOO well!  She has the best language in the class – only about an 8 month delay.  They were wondering if she would benefit from being around typically developing students.  But they got to looking into where Lindy would go and they didn’t find any better options for her within the school system.  The options for 3 year old preschool aren’t a lot and they are all some kind of restrictive environment.  We were told that Lindy will finish the year where she is but that she will she not qualify for this classroom next year.  We are so proud of Lindy and how far she has come.   I’m very thankful they are letting Lindy stay where she is.  We love her classroom and teachers and feel she has greatly benefited from the classroom.  We did NOT want to switch her schools in the middle of the year.   I am slightly nervous that changing her IEP and categories will affect her placement – but they have told us it shouldn’t.  We will find out at the end of the month.

Tuesday I had a March of Dimes meeting and Wednesday I got to do a pretty neat thing.  A local radio station is having a radiothon in the beginning of March to raise money for Brenners Children’s Hospital.  I was asked to go tape our story for them to play during the radiothon.  I went with a girl that works at Brenners and before I got interviewed we got a tour of the radio station.  It was really cool!  There are actually 5 stations in the building and we got to see some of the local celeb dj’s on the air taping their shows.  I hope my interview went well.  You always doubt yourself and how you do.  I don’t plan on listening to the radio for 2 days straight to hear the story! 

Wednesday we had music class with Ms. Beth.  The first day there was one other kid in there and now we are up to 6 kids total.  The twin boys from last semester joined again so our little class is growing.  I watched in the window a little and they were so cute!

Thursday we actually had a 2 hour delay.  It had rained and the temps were below freezing so they were worried about ice.  I ended up driving all over town that day.  I took Lindy to school at 10am, Will and I went to Roses to kill time, finally took him to school at 11am, picked up Lindy at 11:30am, we had a little picnic lunch in our car, and then I drove around until she fell asleep.  I went and parked and waited until it was time to go into her physical therapy appointment.  She was sick last month so we hadn’t been to PT in awhile.  We hadn’t seen her therapist Heather since last September when she went out on maternity leave.  She thinks Lindy is doing awesome and we are going to see her again in 6 weeks. 

I finished up the week with another March of Dimes meeting on Friday.  Our planning meetings are going well!

We had a very quiet weekend.  We finally got out of the house Saturday afternoon and went to the park.  It was a lot cooler than we thought so we didn’t stay too long.  Today we had church and then a potluck lunch to welcome new members.  Lindy did it again – threw up in public (the last time being recently at the dentist).  Thankfully Drew walked by about the time she started throwing up and we had something for her to throw up on (her plate of food).  I think she had eaten too much in Sunday school during their Valentine party and then she gagged on a green bean.  That was it.  She started erupting like a volcano, throwing up about 4 times.  And then she was completely fine.  Thankfully we were in a corner and I don’t think anyone really knew what was going on!   This afternoon after the kids got up we took a little tricycle ride around our neighborhood.  We are having some warmer temps we are trying to take advantage of!

Enjoy your week and our pictures.

My Super Bowl watching companions.  Drew was at his brothers.DSC_6460Opening some early Valentine presents.DSC_6462DSC_6465Is it strange that my kids love opening cards?DSC_6467DSC_6472DSC_6474I was going through a cabinet this week and found this………DSC_6475the xanthium gum I used to make the kids thickener.  We are so officially done with that mess that I threw it away.  What a freeing feeling!!!DSC_6479Will made us a present in preschool!DSC_6483Lindy was excited about some m&m’s!DSC_6485DSC_6487DSC_6488DSC_6489DSC_6496DSC_6498DSC_6509Opening more Valentine presents!DSC_6514DSC_6518The kids raked in some cold hard cash this Valentines Day.  Every grandparent sent them some $5 bills!DSC_6531DSC_6533 My Valentine sweetheart before church today!DSC_6537DSC_6539Perfect Valentine pictures!  If only they were always this sweet towards each other.DSC_6540DSC_6541DSC_6546DSC_6549On our tricycle ride.DSC_6552We ate pink Valentine pancakes with chocolate chips for dinner.  Yum!DSC_6556DSC_6562No, she wasn’t actually going potty.  But this child will ‘W’ sit anywhere – even on the potty.DSC_6566And then she got crazy on the potty!DSC_6569Is this not the skinniest little dude around?  He’s eats like a horse and is still tiny!DSC_6575


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It's supposed to be in the 60s all week! Yeah! I plan to take full advantage of that!

My 3 year old goes to the Dentist today for the first time. Praying for no vomit.

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