Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentine’s Day and Nana and Papa’s Visit

Seems like the weeks just go by faster and faster.  I wish they would slow down!

We had a good week.  The weather was beautiful and we took advantage of it and played outside every single day!  The kids slept great last week!

We had a fun Valentine’s Day with the kids.  We got them balloons and a little bit of candy.  The balloons were the best $5 I have spent in a LONG time.  They played with those balloons all last week.  They had so much fun!  Lindy had her Valentine party at school and her teacher told me I could bring Will.  We went for the party (which was just special snacks) and then they had a little award ceremony in her class.  Lindy got two awards.  One for using her words and one for being on the honor roll in language acquisition and math.  The kids were all so proud of their awards!  Except Lindy who got hers and went over to the trash can and tried to throw them away.  Who knows!  That evening we stayed home and had a romantic family steak dinner. 

Tuesday we had a visit from GrandBob and then he took our family and Ed, Jamie, and Molly out to dinner.   We enjoyed our unexpected dinner out!

Friday was a good day for Lindy.  One of her teachers said she went pee pee on the potty at school!  She said she went up to her and told her she had to pee pee so she took her and she said she went.  I wonder if she really did.  She tells me all the time, I take her and put her up there and she never does anything.  But that’d be awesome if she did!!  She did great in her parent session at school.  She did great speech babble, we played go fish, and she did awesome on the sequencing cards.  That afternoon she had a hearing test and she did great there too.  For the first time she sat at the little table and not on my lap.  She also allowed the little inserts to be in her ear and didn’t pull at them every 5 secs.  She did have more negative pressure in both ears which isn’t surprising since she has had a touch of a cold all week.  If she keeps getting negative pressure and any more ear infections then we’ll be off to the ENT.  Hopefully we’ll be done with all that since it’ll hopefully get warmer and we’ll hopefully be getting less sick.  (I can dream!)  She did really well with all her tests.  They filled in some testing in the lower and higher frequencies.   Everything was stable and consistent.  She has moderate hearing loss in low frequencies and moderate to severe loss in the high frequencies.  They tried a new test with her now that she is older and has more vocabulary.  The WIPI (Word Intelligibility by Picture Identification) had six pictures on a page and Cathy would tell her which one to point to.  Cathy said she got about 50% correct for each ear which was fine for the first time she’d ever done the test.  She didn’t know what some of the pictures were and it was at the end of the test, so all things considered she did fine for the first time.  All her hearing aid settings were the same and her ear molds are still fitting so it was a pretty quick visit. 

My parents pulled into town late Friday evening and the kids were excited to wake up and find them here Saturday morning.  They never come to town without chocolate and white powdered donuts so the kids love breakfast when they are around!  Saturday afternoon we went to watch the poor struggling Wake Forest basketball team play.  They played okay the first half but not so well the second half.  It was still a good time and the kids enjoyed it.   We went out for another tricycle ride all around the neighborhood after the game.  Sunday my parents and I played hookie from church in order to go look for a place for my parents to retire.  They talk of coming back to NC but they have not yet found a place they want to settle down in.  They want to be near a lake so we drove around High Rock Lake and Salisbury yesterday.   The trip got a little bit extended when I was driving through Salisbury and heard what sounded like a flat tire.  I pulled over and saw a big screw in my tire.  Thankfully we were two blocks from a tire place that was actually open so we got the tire fixed.  Mom and the kids and I shopped while Dad waited for my car to be fixed.  My parents didn’t really find what they were looking for so we’ll see where they end up! 

They left this morning to drive back to Ohio.  I tried to get my mom to call in sick tomorrow and stay another day but she wouldn’t.  She’s such an honest woman!  We had a great visit and we miss them already.  We are having another beautiful day so we’ll be back outside when the kids wake up from their nap!

Seems like my posts lately are Lindy-picture heavy but I just keep getting some great shots of her!

Ooooh, a marshmallow frog!DSC_6583Still trying to wake up!DSC_6591DSC_6592DSC_6593DSC_6594Sibling love!DSC_6601DSC_6614Lindy accepting her award from Mrs. Asbury!DSC_6647DSC_6654Lindy’s valentine mailbox from school.DSC_6656DSC_6662Inspecting her Valentines from her friends.DSC_6668Two of my special Valentines.DSC_6676Daddy and two of his special Valentines.DSC_6680They LOVED the balloons.DSC_6685DSC_6688DSC_6692GrandBob stopped by the kids house for a visit.DSC_6696Enjoying the beautiful weather.DSC_6702DSC_6730DSC_6742We got these little signs at the Wake game and this silly goob was wearing it on her back like a cape or something!  DSC_6746DSC_6751So happy to see Nana!DSC_6756DSC_6759She is the queen of silly faces!DSC_6762DSC_6764DSC_6774Papa and Will deep in conversation.DSC_6777The girls side of the table at lunch.  It might have been Lindy’s first time in a booster seat at a restaurant.  She normally still sits in a high chair because she stays contained.  She threw up again at lunch.  But I’m on to her.  She gagged on a piece of corndog and I knew it was coming so I was ready and caught it.  Thankfully she just vomited one time.  She has the most sensitive gag reflex ever.DSC_6781


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