Sunday, February 27, 2011

What Did We Do This Week?

The calendar says we had no appointments this week so I’m trying to recall what we did all week.

Let’s see…Monday we played outside because it was beautiful!  My parents drove back to Ohio that day and they ran into rain, sleet, snow, and freezing rain.  We told them they should have stayed here with us!

Tuesday we ended up going to the home opener of the Wake Forest baseball team.  Jamie and Ed called and said they were going because it was free.  We decided we’d go too and we jumped in the car.  Thankfully I decided it seemed a little windy out and I grabbed their heavier coats because it ended up being SO cold.  We ended up staying for one inning!  The entire stadium was shaded and the wind inside the stadium was out of control.  We couldn’t hang so we left and ended up getting dinner at a new place with Ed and Jamie.

The rest of the week was super boring.  Will and I did some shopping Wednesday morning and I worked on tax stuff all week. 

Lindy fell out of her bed twice this week.  It’s the first time ever and then she did it twice in the same week.  Who knows!

Drew has instituted ‘grapple time’ in our house with ‘Grapple T’ and ‘Little Grappler.’  Basically he just wrestles with them.  The kids have both started coming up to Drew and saying, “It’s grapple time” when they want to wrestle with him.  It’s so stinking funny and cute! 

We had a little more exciting weekend.  Yesterday we had a visit from GrandBob and Suzette and then we had a chili contest at church.  I didn’t win the chili contest or any games of bingo.  It was a bad night for me! 

Today we had a fun day.  It was beautiful so we skipped naps and we met up with Katie, Claire, and Micah at the park while our old husbands tried to play basketball!  We left there and came home and we went to play with a new friend we have made in our neighborhood.  They have a 3.5 year old daughter and a one year old son.  The mom is a Spanish teacher at a high school right by our old house so she knows a bunch of people who went to our old church.  She actually knew who we were and remembers hearing of the babies being born so early from some church members.  We had a fun afternoon and we hope we can get together frequently.  It is great having them so close!

So that was our boring week and here are some pictures from the boring week.

When playing outside the kids were pretending to go to sleep.DSC_6784DSC_6785Mr. GQ in his button-down collared shirt.DSC_6789Our freezing family at the WFU baseball game!baseball 2My sweet sleeping beauties.DSC_6792DSC_6793Will wakes Lindy up by ripping her covers off.DSC_6812One of Will’s latest creations including magnatiles, cars, and lots of letters.DSC_6816School outfits on Thursday.DSC_6825DSC_6829My new favorite picture of the kids!DSC_6837Taking sissy for a ride!DSC_6838DSC_6841Will woke up one night saying his ear hurt and he was sick.  I gave him some Motrin and he went back to bed and slept all night and was fine the next day!  DSC_6842Grapple time!DSC_6845DSC_6869Church outfits today.DSC_6871DSC_6872DSC_6873


Jodi said...

Such cute pictures! I really enjoy hearing about your kiddos. I saw your comment on Kinnick and Carver's website about kindergarten. It's such a hard decision. Olivia's birthday is August 27th, but her due date was in December. We will most likely hold her back a year to give her more time to catch up. Plus, she is tiny too (26.5 lbs and about 38 in. tall) and maybe her peers won't tower over her as much. :) Anyway, I'm glad to hear other parents are considering this as well. It's a tough decision.

Jack Greco said...

Awwww...I LOVe the church outfit pics and the rastlin' pics. Those are too cute. And the car pics are adorable too. Heck, I love them all. I wish they would come and visit me! :) P.S. Where is Will's triceratops in his sick picture. That would have definitely made him feel better. :(