Monday, February 8, 2010

We Love Electricity!

North Carolina got another dose of winter weather on Friday morning (our third storm this winter).  It started with 3-4 inches of pretty snow but then it turned to freezing rain all day Friday.  We lost electricity from 2-4pm Friday afternoon and then it went off again at 8pm.  It didn’t come back until 5:30pm on Saturday evening!  We hung out at some church members’ house all day Saturday since they have a generator to heat the house and a gas stove to cook on.  We were so happy to see the lights come back on! 

The beginning of the week was a normal one.  Lindy had PT on Tuesday morning and I had to take Will with me.  It was pouring rain that morning which made for an interesting trip.  Going into the building I decided getting the stroller would take too long and we’d get too wet.  I somehow carried both kids, the diaper bag, and the umbrella at the same time.  Will was half sliding down me so I‘m sure it was a sight to see!  Lindy did great at PT.  She was back to her normal hard working self.  She actually seemed to have fun this time.  Will did pretty good too.  They both got to play in the ball pit and had fun in there together.  On the way out of the building the greeter lady at the door offered to watch the kids so I could go get the car.  I put them in a chair and she sat with them.  Of course on the way out to the car Will fell and landed in a puddle and still got all wet. 

Wednesday morning we had vision therapy with Leslie.  She made some neat cards where they got to tear the top off the card to see what was under it.  They thought tearing the top off was great.  I’m not sure Lindy took notice of what was under the top but she had fun taking the tops off.  Wednesday afternoon we had hearing therapy with Chris.  She brought dollhouse furniture and we played with that.  The last time we did it Lindy didn’t seem to know what to do.  This time she was really cute and looked like she was having a good time.  It’s fun to see them doing this imaginative play. 

Yesterday we went down to GrandBob’s and Suzette’s house to visit and watch the Super Bowl.  We had a nice visit with them and Aunt Anna.  I’m probably going to be screwed up on my days this week since we don’t normally spend a Sunday night in Charlotte.

One cute thing Will was doing this week was laughing at the fridge toys.  We have the barn and wash–n-go fridge toys.  You can put two pieces together correctly or you can mix them up, like half a car and half a plane.  It will say that it’s a car plane and then it says, “That’s silly” and then it laughs.  Will apparently found this to be humorous this week because every time it laughed, he would laugh.  He would try out all the different combinations and laugh every time it laughed. 

We have the fridge dj as well and Lindy has found her favorite song on that.  She knows where it is and she hits the button and goes directly to it.  It’s the strangest little song but she loves it.  I’m learning to hate it because it gets stuck in my head!  Lindy has also been building with the blocks a lot this week.  She especially likes the magnet tiles we have.  It’s nice to see she can do this.  She has to get the tiles lined up pretty close which is a great visual exercise for her. 

Here is our week in pictures!

Sharing a blanket and books. DSC_0230I love pigtails!!! DSC_0246Yeah Lindy!DSC_0252  Silly WillyDSC_0257 Hi Boo!DSC_0259 I managed two good pictures together this week.  A record!DSC_0272 DSC_0279 Friday afternoon at snack time the electricity was off.  Will kept wanting to turn on the kitchen light and we told him it was broken.  He seriously got teary eyed and upset.  Then it turned into a completely fake cry.  Drew and I just laughed at him.DSC_0298DSC_0301 Sweet girl was cheesing hard every time she saw the camera on our way to Charlotte yesterday. DSC_0309 Playtime with Aunt Anna!DSC_0324Playing beauty shop with GrandBob and Suzette.DSC_0344   “The piano is so cool, GrandBob!”DSC_0350The other maestro in the family.DSC_0352


Cheryl said...

Hate to hear of your power,sounded like you made a great time out of it.

They look like such happy babies. I aways love their pics!

Stay warm !

Melanie said...

Hey girl, where in the world did you get those magnet tiles?! They look so cool, and I know my boys would love them!

BTW I LOVE the pigtails too!

Janice said...

And why didn't you let me keep Will Monday rather than drag him out in the rain? You know I would have done it with about 10 minutes' notice. :) And I, too, absolutely think the pigtails are adoreable!

Jamie said...

Melanie, the tiles are called Magna Tiles. The kids got them for their birthday last year. The website is I'm sure you can get them on Amazon or other places online too. The kids both LOVE them. I even have fun building with them!

Melanie said...

Thanks, girl! I am definitely going to check them out!