Thursday, February 4, 2010

Playhouse Daddy

The kids got a Little People playhouse for Christmas and it has become one of their favorite toys.  It’s fun to to see them doing imaginative play. 

I keep finding the Little People Daddy in all kinds of strange positions in the playhouse though. 

Getting a swirly in the toilet:DSC_0997

Hanging out in the doghouse:DSC_1062

I hope Lindy and Will aren’t trying to imitate life around our house!  I really didn’t think they saw me give Drew that swirly.  But I guess he is in the doghouse sometimes, so who knows :)

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Jack Greco said...

This post gave me the best laugh! Now I'm just wondering where your weekend post is. The only good excuse for that is NO POWER. :) Need to get my Southern baby updates!!!