Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine’s Day Recap

Drew and I were able to go out the night before Valentine’s Day to dinner and the Winston-Salem symphony.  We had a very nice evening while Mimo watched the kids for us.  I am sure that they had a very nice evening too.

Although I think Will was a little peeved at me the next morning.  When I first went in their room he looked at me and looked away.  I normally get a bunch of “hi’s” and jumping and bouncing all around his bed.   I don’t think he liked us going out the night before!

We did have a nice Valentine’s Day.  The kids enjoyed seeing and playing with Mimo in the morning before church.  We enjoyed a visit from GrandBob and Suzette in the afternoon and then we went out to eat dinner at IHOP.  Pretty romantic huh?  It turned out pretty awesome when we found out that kids eat free!

Here is our day(weekend) in pictures.

You rock me Will! (his shirt says ‘Rock My Valentine’)DSC_0407 I’ll ‘Bee’ yours Lindy!DSC_0411 DSC_0412 These melt my heart!!!!DSC_0416DSC_0418 Our family right before Drew and I headed out Saturday night.DSC_0421 Valentine’s Day church outfit!DSC_0436 Will’s hand is constantly in his mouth these days and Lindy was copying him in this picture.DSC_0439 Mimo!DSC_0445 After church shirts!DSC_0459 DSC_0466 GrandBob and Suzette!DSC_0476 My little sweetheart!DSC_0487 My Valentines!DSC_0496 Drew and his Valentines! (no clue why they both had their tongues out.  I have a feeling Lindy was copying Will).DSC_0508 Lindy and I doing a self portrait.DSC_0514


The Buckley Family said...

Oh my goodness Jamie, we had the same shirts from Childrens Place for the trio, too funny!! Where's Lindy's black shirt with the heart from? That one is cute too! Glad you guys got a night out, it's definitely important to do from time to time!

Jamie said...

Hey Jamie, The Children's Place shirts were a present fro my sister. Lindy's heart shirt was from Target. Can't wait to see pictures of your group in them!

I'm sorry I haven't answered your question about Lindy's hearing yet. She does have hearing aids. She's had them since she was about 8 months old. She has severe hearing loss in the high frequencies and moderate hearing loss in the low frequencies. The hearing aids help but we are still amazed at what she hears without them!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love her Valentine jumper :-)
So glad to share our girly clothes!

Lisa Towery said...

Hey Southern Family
Just dropping by to say hello and check on the so sweet southern babies!! As always, I love to see the ongoing progress and adorable pictures. They will always be your babies although they are becoming "so big". Hugs to all!!!