Friday, February 12, 2010

Opening Ceremonies

We are awaiting the start of the 2010 Winter Olympics.  Go USA!

We had our usual assortment of therapies this week.  We had PT on Tuesday and Lindy did well.  We unVelcroed (is that a word) the top strap on her right brace and she immediately knew something was different.  She whined a bit and finally realized that it really wasn’t so bad or different.  It is making her do more work but is still keeping her foot in the right position. 

Tuesday afternoon we had hearing therapy, but I completely forgot that we had switched it from Wednesday to Tuesday.  I was working down in the basement and the kids were still asleep.  At 3:10pm Drew yells down and tells me Chris was here.  Oops.  I had to go wake up the kids and quickly get them ready for therapy.  That is only the second time ever that I’ve forgotten a therapy.  Both times we were home and were still able to do the therapy.  Everyone makes mistakes!

Wednesday morning Will had speech therapy and he did well.  He just loves when therapists bring in big bags of toys.  He really did well though.  She really worked on trying to get him to make the ‘e’ sound and by the end he was trying.  He was saying ‘eat’ by the end too.  He has to figure out that you basically smile when you say ‘e’. 

It’s been another interesting weather week for us.  After losing power last weekend for almost 24 hours, we lost power again on Wednesday night.  Thankfully this time it was only for 5 hours.  It went out around 4pm.  We had a yummy pb&j dinner and then we left.  We headed to Barnes and Noble and spent some giftcards.  The kids had a great time taking books on and off the shelves.  We tried our hardest to get them back in the right place!  Then we headed to Drew’s brother’s house to hang out for a little bit.  When we called and the answering machine picked up we headed home.  The next morning we woke up and we had no cable or internet for the entire day.  This whole winter weather thing is getting old! 

Lindy’s news of the week is that she threw up three times in her bed this week.  The first time was actually last Friday night, the night our power went out.  The second time was Monday at naptime and then she did it Tuesday night at bedtime.  She would be crying and get worked up and throw up.  She used to do this but she stopped about a year ago.  The only time she ever does it now is when she has some kind of cold and she has drainage down her throat. We’re not really sure why she started doing it this week.  Will has had a tiny bit of a runny nose for the last two weeks but nothing I would actually consider a cold.  Lindy shows no outward sign of a cold but we can’t tell what’s going on in her nose and throat.  Knock on wood, she hasn’t done it since Tuesday.  She has been crying more when we put her down for a nap or bedtime, but at least she hasn’t thrown up in a couple days. 

Will has been gnawing on hands all week.  I finally got a look in his mouth and his final three baby teeth are coming through!  He has 3 two year molars coming in.  I’m so happy to be nearly done with the teething stage but it’s kind of sad too.  How can my babies have all their baby teeth?  They are growing too fast for my liking. 

And now for the good stuff….

Silly Lindy was wearing her glasses on the end of her nose like an old librarian one day.DSC_0357 Opening Valentine’s Day cards.DSC_0362 My big boy eats his sandwiches without having them cut up anymore.  He is a little boy now, not my baby.DSC_0372 Destruct-o child.  She tears everything apart and breaks all the toys.  I’ve even heard, “We’ve never had a child ever break that before.” Half the magazine is on the ground.DSC_0374 Valentine presents from Nana and Papa.  The kids LOVE little doughnuts!DSC_0376DSC_0378 DSC_0381DSC_0382DSC_0383   This sweet boy loves to crawl up in the chair behind me and give me big hugs.  I love it when he does this!DSC_0391  A new Lindy hair-do today.  I thought it was really cute but Drew said “That’s an interesting hair-do.”  hmmmmDSC_0396  The kids took a pink bath together tonight in honor of Valentine’s Day.  They had so much fun playing together.  DSC_0403 DSC_0404


Cheryl said...

I love her new hair style, a girly look. It's funny how the little things are so exciting,I love doughnuts also!

The Buckley Family said...

Cute pics! Like the new do!! I didn't realize that Lindy has hearing aids before? What is the degree of her hearing loss?