Friday, January 9, 2009

Words, Walking, and Teeth

We are finally getting back in the swing of things after Christmas. It has taken me awhile to get all the decorations down and Christmas presents put up.

We have had a good week. Monday started with an OT appointment for Lindy. Lisa (Go Gators!!) feels like she is doing really well. She really wants us to work on letting them feed themselves with the spoon. I don't know if I'm ready for the mess involved with this. I need to loosen up some so I don't hinder their developments!

On Tuesday Lindy had an ophthalmologist appointment with Dr. Weaver. It was a pointless appointment. He didn't dilate her eyes and so for about the 5th time we agreed that she favors her left eye but that she can see with her right one. He put a patch on her left eye and watched her and said, "She acts like it's a useful eye." I've been trying to tell him this for awhile. He still wants to continue the patching 2 hours a day. ugggg. This means someone has to be with Lindy the entire two hours. If you set her down and turn your back, the patch is off. It makes for a long two hours. Especially since there are things I need to do with Will, like get him dressed and ready. After our appointment we went down to the hearing department and picked up her hearing aides and new ear molds. Her hearing aides have been sent back to the company twice because of this horrible static sound we kept hearing. I have heard the sound once since we've gotten them back but when I turned them off and on again it went away. We are having issues with the new ear molds. Our audiologist switched materials on us and they don't block out the interference as well as the old ones. Lindy has gone back to taking them out of her ears a lot too. Previously she hardly even touched her hearing aides anymore. It's hard getting used to a new set of ear molds when you've had the old ones for awhile. I have a feeling we might be making a return trip to get more ear molds made with the old material. On Tuesday Lindy also had her hearing teacher come for a session. She went through the results of the all the testing she did before Christmas. It wasn't as bad as I had imagined. She has a hearing age, which is when she started wearing her hearing aides consistently. Based on her hearing age, she is doing pretty well. We all agree that if Lindy had two good vocal cords that she would probably be babbling by now. Darn vocal cords gotta ruin everything.

It has been a week of good progress for Will. The best is the progression of more solid poops instead of diarrhea. It slowed down a bunch Sunday and Monday and was pretty much gone by Tuesday. Then he turned into a really fussy boy because he is cutting 3 teeth right now. The fun never stops! Will has really started walking a lot more this week. More than the few steps he'd previously been taking. He is starting to choose it a little more as his mode of transportation. The biggest news is that we've finally decided to count some of the things he 'says' as words. He has been babbling 'mama' for awhile but there was just no intention behind it. Last weekend I felt he said it with a little more intention so I counted it. Then Tuesday I was changing his diaper after a nap and he still had his pacifier. I said something about popping it and he said "pop." Finally Drew, and our friend Janice, heard him say 'dada' last night so we are counting that as well.

Lindy has been working very hard this week on pulling up. Because she isn't crawling on her hands and knees it is much harder for her to get up. I'm really working with her on how to go from sitting to her knees, and then to pull up to standing. Once you start working on it then she must do it over and over and over until you make her stop. She's a determined little girl. On Wednesday she did pull herself from sitting to her knees by herself. She can also get to her knees in her crib. Before long we'll find her standing! She is SO proud of herself when she gets to a standing position (with help). Lindy's big teething news is that she finally had a molar break through. She has worked on those suckers for so long. Our OT noticed she had actual bruises on her gums from these molars. One corner is finally through on the top right. I dread the day Will starts getting those molars!

That wraps up the week in our household. The babes had their favorite babysitters watch them last night so that Drew and I could go out and have a joint birthday celebration. We had a wonderful dinner out!

Someone asked if Lindy smiled all the time and although it's not ALL the time, she does smile A LOT of the time! These coasters are some of Will's favorite 'toys.' He can spend so long playing with these, stacking them one on top of the other.
Lindy practicing her standing skills.
Will got a grocery cart for Christmas and it came with these eggs in the basket. He thinks the eggs are a phone though! He tries to talk on the eggs all the time!
Lindy was checking out one of her new toys. I can't figure out which she liked more, part of the packaging or the toy.
She judges her toys by how they taste.
Look at the height difference! Poor Lindy got her mommy's height genes!
I think Lindy's face is so funny in this picture.
Will testing/tasting his new toy.
Look alike babes. Lindy is wearing Will's hand me down pj's!

I sent Lindy to her bed to compose some music on her piano. It must have been hard work because I found her lying on the piano.
Nice outfit Will!

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