Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sleeping Update and Diapers

First , I can officially say that Lindy is once again a good sleeper! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights of last week were pretty rough for her, BUT she NEVER threw up! Friday and Saturday nights I laid her down and she was asleep in 10 minutes. Sunday and Monday nights I laid her down and although it took her about 30 minutes to actually go to sleep, she never cried! She played with her music soother until she fell asleep. She has slept through the entire night each night after she has fallen asleep. Bedtimes are SO different and SO much better.

Second, I want to promote Huggies Overnight diapers. A blog reader, Becca, recommended them when Will had his week of diarrhea. She said they stopped all leaks. We didn't end up having to get them for him but we did end of having to get them because both of them were peeing through their diapers at night. Lindy was soaking her pajamas, blankets, and sheets almost every night. I changed her sheets on the bed 5 times last week. We even tried double diapering her and that didn't work! We got the Huggies Overnight diapers on Saturday and for the last three mornings they have both woken up dry!!! Thanks Becca for the recommendation.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the diapers are working well. We have used them too and as of recently the girls aren't peeing as much at night.
I was proud of you all after reading your blog on Lindy's sleeping issues. How hard to deal with Lindy crying so hard she made herself throw up. Glad for you all that is over and she is back to sleeping good. I think travel over Christmas throws off their schedule too and it's hard to get back into a routine sometimes.
They are getting so big! Can't wait to see them again sometime!
Love, Erin

becca said...

Alright! I'm so glad they worked for you!! Our son still must use them every night - last night he slept for probably 14 hours total and that thing was so full, but never leaked!!

I am so happy that Lindy is sleeping well now!

Anonymous said...

I love Huggies Overnightes!!!! I have used them on both of my boys (now almost 5 and almost 2), and they have saved me from many sheet changes! I have recommended them to several people, and I wondered if you would use them after Becca's advice. I know you are glad you did. Glad to hear that Lindy is doing better at nighttime. I know it makes life so much easier for you guys. Sleep is important, especially when you have little ones. Ironic how that seems to be when you never get enough of it.

lauren said...

Glad to hear Lindy is doing better - sleep issues are such a challenge! We use the overnights as well...just wait until one explodes and there are gel pellets everywhere ;) Other than that, they are great!

Nix said...

I wish we could get the Huggies Overnights here in Germany, I'm desperately looking for something to keep my girls dry overnight!