Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Week in Ohio and Drew's Birthday

It’s hard to believe Christmas has come and gone. I’m sure I’ll being saying the same about the month of January too.

We arrived home from Ohio on Thursday night, January 1st. We had a wonderful time at my parents’ house. My family is spread out in three different states so it is always nice to get to spend extended periods of time together. (Drew might not agree!!) We didn’t really do much while we were there but that’s the way it is with 3 babies around and two that can’t go out and do too much. We did get family pictures taken and they went amazingly well. We ate out one time and we had some friends over for New Year’s Eve. The girls got to get out shopping a little bit to look for after-Christmas sales. I was proud of myself for not buying any more wrapping paper. I’m addicted to getting it on sale but I held back this year.

The babes enjoyed the attention all week. They enjoyed playing with their older cousin Hayley and getting to know their little (but not actually so little) cousin Rylee. My parents have a toy kitchen set and it was a big hit with everyone. We’ll have to look around for a good deal on one.

They started sleeping a little better, but not much. A few weeks before Christmas I had dropped their morning naps and they were just having afternoon naps. After a couple days of rough nights and short afternoon naps, I reinstituted the morning nap. That seemed to help a little bit. We had a baby in bed with us, sometimes two, every single night. Drew and I hardly ever let them get in our bed so it was probably a treat for them.

The biggest news of last week was the onset of Will’s diarrhea. Last Monday he started having it a few times a day. Wednesday morning I called the nurse’s line at the doctor’s office and after talking they said it was probably a GI bug. He was showing no signs of feeling bad, just having diarrhea. I didn’t know this but they said that dairy makes diarrhea worse so they said to try and avoid his milk and do water or pedialyte or watered down Gatorade. This is where the struggles began because the babies basically only like milk. They sip on water at snacks but they mostly drink milk. We tried a bunch of different alternatives and he didn’t like any of them. By Thursday morning I was spoon feeding the boy water. It was the only way he’d take it. Wednesday evening saw the most excitement of the week, when for the first time ever, he pooped in the tub. Poor kid couldn’t hold it. It was a mess; not just a couple floaters you can scoop out. Daddy got the clean up on that one while I ran to another tub to finish/redo his bath.

I have been freaking out about his fluid intake. He has gotten to the point where he is suspicious of everything I try to give him. He doesn’t willingly drink his milk anymore. The diarrhea actually got worse yesterday evening so I called the nurse’s line again this morning. She said as long as he has wet diapers and is eating okay, playing fine, having no fever, that it still sounds like a GI bug. She said to get an appointment if it is still going on next week. I’m just worried about him. I know he’s lost some weight and I hate to see that. The nurse suggested doing half water/half milk so I did that at lunch and dinner and he drank full cups of that. His bottom is hurting, although not broken down because I apply Aquaphor every time I change him. He hates getting his diaper changed. And not to mention the number of pajamas and clothes we are going through because of leakage. We are all really ready for this to end. Amazingly no one else has gotten it.

The other news of the week is that Drew’s birthday was yesterday – he turned 33. I don’t know how good of a birthday it was for him. Since we got back at 10pm the night before from a week in Ohio, I had to go to the store that morning to get stuff for his cake and dinner. He ended up watching the babies a lot that day since I was baking and cooking for his birthday. Plus I was so worried about Will that I’m sure I brought him down a bit. We hope he had a semi-good day!!

Will and Kate. At the beginning of the week he wasn't too fond of her licking. By the end of the week he was leaning in for doggie kisses!
Drew teaching Hayley how to be a Guitar Hero rock star.
Amy and Lee's anniversary was on Dec. 30th. Hayley and I tried to make it a special day for them. They got to eat on the fine china, had candles in their steak, candles by the plates, and we sang 'Happy Annivesary' to them. I'm not sure they appreciated our efforts!
New Year's Eve with Susan, Olivia, and Jesse.
Right before midnight.
Ringing in the New Year. Little man woke up right before midnight so he got to help us usher in 2009. I felt bad that Lindy wasn't there - but not bad enough to wake her!
New Years Babies!
Amy and I and our offspring.
Nana, Papa, and all the kiddos.
The old man, Drew, on his birthday. Happy 33rd birthday, Drew!

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becca said...

Hi, Jamie - I was linked to your blog around 10 months ago when a friend gave birth to her twins at 23 weeks just like your sweet ones. I actually work at Duke, and have only commented once on your blog. I enjoy reading it every week. :)
I am sorry Will is sick - I wanted to offer one suggestion to at least help with the leakage of the diarrhea if you don't already use them. Huggies Overnight Diapers really work for leakage of all types. We learned that first hand with our 16 month old. I hope he gets well soon and that you wouldn't need to try them, but in case you do, it should help with all the laundry at least! :)