Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Brrrrr….. We woke up to a chilly 11º this morning. We’re all in our comfy clothes with no plans to go anywhere.

This week was a relatively quiet week. Monday started out with a trip for Lindy to the physical therapist. Although she is still pleased (and amazed) by Lindy’s progress, she was concerned with her feet when she is in the standing position. Her feet roll inward at a pretty awkward angle. She loves to stand up but her feet positioning is stopping her from cruising. The answer is to put her in some braces, or splints. She will be getting braces called SMO’s (SMO stands for Supra-Malleolar Orthosis). She will have custom molds made next week. It will be similar to getting a cast. I don’t know the specifics about how long she will have to wear them. They are hoping with this added stability that she will be cruising soon and walking within 6 months. We will do whatever we have to for Lindy, but I’m not looking forward to something else for her to mess with. She doesn’t need toys, she has hearing aides, glasses, and soon braces! They will keep her plenty busy.

Tuesday the kiddos went for their monthly Synagis shot at the pediatrician’s office. Although the babies hate the shots, I love the weight checks and getting to talk with our doctor more often. Will weighed 20lbs 9.8oz and Lindy came in at 19lbs 7.8oz. She is catching up! Of course Will lost a little weight recently because of his week long bout of diarrhea.

We were glad to see our doctor because we had something we really needed to talk to her about – Lindy and her sleeping. For a long time Lindy was considered a good sleeper. When they were little we ‘sleep trained’ Will and now we just lay him in his bed and he goes to sleep. I can just put Lindy in her bed for naps and she will fall asleep by herself but it’s not the same story with bed time. When we would put her in her bed, she would go crazy. She’d cry so hard that she would throw up all over herself. Therefore Lindy got rocked to sleep every night of her life. Sometime before Christmas though, things started getting worse. We would rock her and put her down and she started waking up 2, 3, sometimes 4 times a night. We felt like we were back to the newborn days. Drew and I thought it was gas waking her up. Every time you picked her up she would burp or toot. We were already giving her gas drops so we didn’t know what else to do. After talking to the doctor though, she convinced us that Lindy was pulling our chains. She said she has gotten smart and knows she will get picked up. Monday night I let her cry in her bed and I was convinced she was TRYING to make herself throw up. After crying for 45 minutes Monday night, she burped and then fell asleep by herself. After talking to the doctor we have doubled her gas drops in her last bottle and we are now letting her cry. It seems to be getting shorter each night so we hope we are making progress. We are letting her cry because she hasn’t been throwing up on us. That’s a huge step that she can cry hard and not throw up. Every night this week, once she has finally cried herself to sleep, she has slept through the entire night until at least 7am. We hope we have gotten a hold of this little sleep situation and are changing her little ways. One of us always sits in her room on the floor by her bed so that we are there if she does throw up. We're always worried she’ll choke on it or something so I want one of us near her.

Some good Lindy news of the week is that she has become a sucker – as in one who sucks on a straw! At the beginning of the week she was consistently sucking 2oz of her milk at a meal. All week she has slowly increased the amount. Last night at dinner she drank 4oz and today at lunch she drank 5oz. She is working her way off the bottles!

Willy Will has had a pretty quiet week. He continues to walk more and more each day and is getting pretty good at it. We think he’s really trying to talk to us. He seems to be repeating us sometimes when we say words like bath, ball, night night, etc. I’m sure no one else would know what he is saying but I think he’s really on the verge of saying real words.

I guess that sums up our week. Hope you all have a good one. Make sure you celebrate on Sunday the 18th – it’s my birthday!!!!!

Will loves his nesting blocks Doesn't he look like a little boy (not a baby) in this picture?

Doesn't she look like she is having SO much fun? She pulled herself up to her knees in her bed and she loves bouncing around. I love this picture!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE her new dress she got for Christmas!
Some sibling love pictures

Monday night the babies took their first bubble bath. They had such a good time. They love their bathtime! Unfortunately I talked to a good friend yesterday and we were talking about urinary tract infections. She mentioned that her sister had them as a child and she never could take bubble baths. HUH? Lindy is on a daily antibiotic because she had a UTI in the NICU. I had never heard that bubble baths were bad for UTI's. Therefore Lindy might have taken 2 bubbles baths Monday - her first and last!

Will's new favorite place to play/sit. We don't condone his sitting here as we're sure it's not made for kids to sit in!
Will has enjoyed rubbing noses with me this week. He thinks it's so funny.
Staying warm in fleece today.
Finally, Will in Aunt Anna's Christmas present.


Paulette said...

Ron and I will be celebrating on January 18th also. Our Anniversary, 34 years! Happy Birthday.

Angela had to let Bryce cry himself to sleep a few times. He also liked the attention in the middle of the night.

Also, bubble baths are not good for girls. Sorry Lindy.

Cute pictures of two beautiful babies.

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy reading your blog. You are doing a great job. We had to let all three of ours at some point in their life cry themselves to sleep. I know it is hard but they will survive. They are growing up fast and I am enjoying watching them grow.
Your friends,
Marc and Aimee

lauren said...

Happy birthday! I couldn't ever do bubble baths either...

Jodi said...

Olivia always did the cry so hard until she throws up routine at night. Luckily, that's better, although we're still apprehensive if she cries right after she eats. Any advice to drinking out of a straw? I think we're going to bypass the sippy cup and just try a straw. I'm starting, however, to think it's never going to happen.