Monday, May 23, 2016

Vegas Baby

Someone went to Las Vegas this week for a 40th birthday trip.  Not me - I didn't turn 40 this year!  Old man Drew is 40! 

Before he left...he picked the kids up from my office Monday.  I pulled in from picking them up at school and he was there waiting for us.  Unexpected surprise to see him and the kids were happy to go home and not hang at the office. 

The rest of the week was pretty normal.  Drew left Wednesday night and headed to Charlotte to spend the night with his dad.  He flew out Thursday morning to go spend a long weekend with three college friends.  Three of the four turned 40 this year so they had a midlife crisis trip.  Ha! 

Those of us left at home went on about our lives.  Lindy and Will had a dentist appointment Thursday after school.  Everything looked good and she actually saw some improvement with less plaque - which means better brushing!  It's a work in progress!  We left the dentist and had to run by Kmart for work.  We grabbed dinner on the way home and finally got there. 

Friday I had a dentist appointment which went well too.  Three good dentist appointments in one week is a success!  Friday Lindy had a friend come play after school.  Lindy and Adah both have a love for dogs so they had fun playing dogs in Lindy's room as well as bouncing on the trampoline outside.   We met her parents in downtown WS at 6pm and then Lindy, Will and I went and met my parents for dinner.  They knew we were home alone so they came over to entertain us! ha!  We ate Mexican and then headed to Sam's club - in the pouring rain - to look for a birthday present for Hayley.  We parted ways at Sam's club and we each headed home. 

I was so excited for Saturday morning.  My first March for Babies free weekend in a month!  I could not wait to sleep in!  The weather looked perfect - rainy!!!  I thought for sure that tennis and baseball would be cancelled and we'd have a lazy day at home.   The forecast slowly started changing though and the rain ended up coming earlier and earlier.  It poured all through the night.  The kids and dog all behaved and we slept until 7:15am.  The rain ended around 8am though and tennis and baseball were both on for the day!  My lazy day did not end up lazy!  Truly I was glad they had their activities because I miss almost everything during the spring since I'm working so many Saturdays.  Both tennis and baseball were set to end on Saturday and I don't know if they would have rescheduled them next week since it's Memorial Day.  So although it wasn't lazy, it was nice to see my kids in action.  Will had a good tennis practice and was serving really well.  He got to play some matches with a partner which he enjoyed.  We left tennis and headed directly to Clemmons for Lindy's ball game.  The sides of the field were a little wet but they play on AstroTurf so for the most part it was fine.  Lindy's buddy ended up being someone we knew.  Her buddy, Natalie, has a sister that was in gymnastics with Lindy and Will a long time ago.  I really like their mom so it was fun to catch up out there.   Lindy got two hits when her team was up batting but she was not into fielding on Saturday.  In fact she sat on the field and played with the little rocks in the Astroturf.  Probably good that was the last game of the season.  They had a pizza party after the game which was nice.  It was our first season playing there but we will play again if she wants to.  It was well run and there were always lots of kids.  The one other time she played we were lucky if 4 kids were there. 

We left baseball and we headed to a church friend's house because we are planning a VBS for our church.  Three of us have taken on the project and we are doing it in 5 weeks.  We are definitely crazy!  We don't have too many kids so we are just going to do something fun and simple this year and see how it goes.  We worked for 4 hours making plans!    Lindy and Will had a blast playing in their playroom.  The other kids were 4 and 2 but they still had fun.  Big props to their dad for wrangling 5 kids while we planned VBS!   We finally headed home, exhausted from our not so lazy Saturday! 

Today was a little different as well.  We went to church, but not to our church.  Instead we headed to Aunt Jamie and Uncle Ed's church to see Ellie get dedicated.  It was a nice service and Ellie looked super cute!  Almost all Ellie's family was there - except Uncle Drew and Ellie's Uncle John (on Jamie's side).  We all headed to lunch afterwards and had a nice time. 

The kids and I got home around 2:30pm and around 4pm Will told me his stomach hurt and threw up all his lunch.  I normally handle throw up fine but that one was so gross.  I had to cover my nose.  I don't know what was actually wrong with him.  He never ended up throwing up again but I started feeling bad as well.  I never threw up but I have felt queasy all afternoon and evening.   No clue what it was but I'm glad it was one and done for Will and that I never got sick.  Lindy has been fine all day. 

Drew is on his way home.  We are all anxious to have him back!  Although we got along fine, doing it alone is tiring!

Pics from our week.

Our little tennis player.
 ha ha - bad throw! 
 Much better
 Here's hoping he sticks with tennis! 
Lindy and her buddy, Natalie
 He was keeping her safe while some kids were running home.  She was probably loving it!
High fives for a base hit!

This is how she spent most of her time in the field!  
Swing, batter batter!

Getting her medal!
Super proud of her medal!
Lindy with Coach Chuck
Eating pizza at the party afterwards
Saturday at our church friend's house.  She was all about Mack the dog!  That is the dog's arm around her shoulder.  
Watching Ellie get dedicated on Sunday.
So sweet!!

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