Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mother's Day

I need to back up and catch up.  Life during March for Babies season gets pretty hectic and I just get tired.  But March for Babies season is officially over so here's to getting my Saturdays back and my life back in order!

Back to May 2nd and Lindy's orthopedic appointment with Dr. Kat.  It was an easy appointment and I was surprised she didn't have a hip x-ray.  We did a little bit of waiting here and there but we worked on homework so the time went by quickly.  Dr. Kat said she looks good.  We talked about her hips turning in a little thus making her feet turn in a bit.  She said it's not severe and to fix it would require a major surgery.  Not going there unless she somehow gets super worse!  She definitely has a catch in her ankles but she is able to go past it and she is pleased with that.  Towards the end we talked about her dragging her toes.  Basically she said to watch for it and I showed her Lindy's almost new tennis shoes.  They had holes worn in the very top near her toes - which would come from her dragging her toes.  She was a little concerned.  I ended up buying her new shoes so she said to watch her closely and watch the shoes to see what happens.  If it kept happening we'd have to go back to her tall braces.  I didn't like the sounds of that!  I was telling Drew later that evening and he was like, "Oh, I think that is from her dragging her feet on the driveway when she is riding her bike."  What?!  She wore through new shoes from riding her bike!  I got her new shoes but now I've started making her change her shoes to go out and play and ride her bike.  The new shoes are perfectly fine!  One less thing to worry about!!

The rest of the week was normal and rainy.  We've had a ton of rain lately.  We had to call in help on Friday with the kids because neither Drew nor I could get them from school.  This Friday pickup was sponsored by GrandBob and Suzette!  They picked the kids up and took them to get yogurt and brought them home to play.  We ended the evening with dinner out with them. 

Saturday was a walk for me but Drew took the kids to tennis and baseball.   Saturday evening we checked out the big festival in downtown Kernersville.  It was much bigger than we imagined.  There were bands, food, carnival rides for the kids, crafts, and more!  We ate dinner while listening to a band and then took the kids down to ride two rides.  They weren't cheap and the lines weren't short!  They are at a weird stage of really being too big for the little kid rides but not big enough for the big rides.  They still have fun.  We got a funnel cake, looked at a couple crafts and headed home.  It was a nice evening out downtown.

Sunday was Mother's Day.  A day all about me - and my mom - and my mother-in-law!  I woke up to cinnamon rolls and presents the kids had made at school.  Lindy painted the letter J for me and turned it into a magnet.  Will had made me a bookmark with his picture on it.  Both were cute and I loved them!  We headed to church and then we headed straight to Ed and Jamie's for lunch to celebrate Lynn.   We enjoyed a nice lunch and enjoyed seeing  Ellie.  She has gotten big and is smiling up a storm!   We headed home and my parents arrived and we had dinner with them to celebrate Cindy.  We enjoyed our evening with them as well.  My dad was smiling up a storm, too.  Just kidding! ha ha.  

It was a packed weekend!  Almost every minute was packed but it was also full of love!!

Rides at the Spring Folly!

Happy Mother's Day to me!
Cutest bookmark ever!

Beautiful J!

Homemade presents are the best!

Mimo and her grands on Mother's Day!  It's rare to have them all together so a picture was required!

Sweet Ellie!

Lynn and her young'uns.  I don't remember what was so funny but Ed is smiling.  It must have been good! ha!

Me and the best kids ever!

I bought my mom a swimsuit!  She hates swimsuit shopping (who doesn't) but I found the perfect suit.  It met all her requirements! 

Photobombed - Maybe my dad was smiling all day!  ha

Much better!  She really is the best mom ever.  So lucky she is mine!

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