Monday, May 2, 2016

Goodbye April

Here we find ourselves in the month of May.  I heard someone say yesterday that April evaporated and I agree.  April was my busiest month at work so it really flew by because we were so busy.

As for the other things going on last week - Monday Lindy and I had a big day.  Earlier this year I applied for a grant program for new hearing aids from UNC Chapel Hill.  They have a program that will pay for new hearing aids.  I've heard it's for kids like Lindy who don't qualify for Medicaid and whose insurance doesn't cover hearing aids.  That's us!  Our insurance covers no audio.   She got accepted and we patiently waited for the process to begin.  We finally got the initial appointments set for last Monday, April 25th.

It ended up being a wild morning.  Drew was going to take Will to school for me so Lindy and I could head to Chapel Hill.  Will had not been feeling well on Sunday and on Monday morning he woke up and said his ears hurt.  He got dressed but I could tell he wasn't feeling great.  He ate and brushed his teeth but when I found him in the living room he had his hands on his ears and I knew they hurt.  He doesn't ever complain about his ears so I knew they must really hurt.  After much scurrying around, Drew headed to the 8am walk-in clinic with him and sure enough he had double ear infections.  They said the last ear infection he had was in 2013.  Drew couldn't take a day off to watch him so after they were finished Drew took him to Mimo's house for a little bit.  Mimo wasn't able to watch him all day though because she was watching baby Ellie all last week.  I called my mom at 7am to see if one of them could come get him.  My mom got ready and headed to get him from Lynn's.  They headed to get his prescription and back home.  She said you could tell he didn't feel good all morning but after a dose of medicine and some Tylenol he was feeling better in the afternoon.

In the meantime, Lindy and I headed to Chapel Hill to her first appointment.  Actually her first appointment was in Durham.  We went to one of their audiologists and did her normal hearing tests which came back all the same as the ones we do at Brenner.  She grew bored towards the end but we got through it.  The funny thing was the audiologist was asking questions about her past and Lindy basically answered everything herself.  Between talking about it and reading the old blog books I had made from this blog - she knows her medical history.  I guess I can just start chauffeuring her around.  She doesn't need me!  ha!  We finished that appointment and then we headed over to UNC to the main hospital to see one of their ENT's.  He had to give her medical clearance to be in the program and we got that.  Another doctor, I guess a resident or something, came in first and checked her ears.  She got to clean wax out of Lindy's ears, which is always fun...  not.  But she got it and everything looked fine. 

My best friend from high school works at UNC and our appointments finished right at lunch time so we were able to meet up for lunch.  Lindy and I enjoyed our lunch date.  We don't get to see Carrie nearly as much as we'd like.   We finally headed on home after a full day.  Lindy kept rubbing it in to Will that she was skipping school on Monday but turns out no one went to school.

The rest of the week was much less eventful.  Lindy took a turn on her bike and tipped over.  She was dramatic to the extreme.  She did get scraped up and it definitely scared her but she played it up good.  She told me it was very hard to cope with such a stressful situation.  ha!

Friday night we went out to eat and the kids had their first Waffle House experience.  We were the only ones there at 6pm.   Drew was so excited for them.  We get excited about different things I guess! 

Saturday I was gone to another March for Babies walk.  3 down - 2 to go.  Almost there!  Drew took Will to tennis at 10:30am but they skipped baseball this week.  Instead they went to see the Wizard of Oz production at a local theatre.  They went with friends from Lindy's SEE camp.  Drew and Will both gave it rave reviews and Lindy said it was good.  They were farther back than normal so I doubt she could see as well.  Drew said she slept most of the first half.  They did get to go early and go on stage to see the set.  They got to meet Dorothy and Toto.  I'm sure Lindy was all over Toto.  Drew didn't take any pics (grrrrr!!!) but I'm hopeful the director of the SEE camp will be emailing some.  I met the family back at home that evening for dinner and we did nothing.  The kids watched a movie.  Will chose Elf - in April! 

Sunday was a day full of church and chores.  We had no food in the house so I got a menu and grocery list done and then we divided and conquered.  Will and I headed to Walmart and Drew and Lindy to Sam's Club.  We got home and unloaded and Will and I went to play some tennis because we all got new tennis rackets. 

That sums up the week.  I took few pictures this week though. 

Lindy during her booth hearing test.   

The tubes and wires attached to her shirt during a hearing test. 

Lunch with Carrie!

Saturday night movie night

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