Saturday, May 21, 2016


The big news of last week was the 2nd grade musical, Bugz.  They have been practicing since January and we have been listening to the music in the car since then too.  Each class had a song to sing and then they all came together and sang one final song. 

They had dress rehearsals at school on Tuesday and Wednesday and then they performed Thursday night for the PTA and families.  I went on Tuesday morning so I could get pictures without a huge crowd there.

Lindy told me the week before she had a solo.  Excuse me?!?  I went and talked to the music teacher to get a few more details and found out that by solo she meant, singing with a couple other kids.  I felt much better about that.  I was glad I went on Tuesday morning so I could see what see was supposed to be doing.  She looked a little lost Tuesday morning so I was able to talk to her teacher and they were able to work out a better plan for her to get where she needed to be to do her 'solo.'

Thursday was the big day for the play.  The kids went to school as normal but I picked up dinner for them before I picked them up from afterschool care.  We were going to just eat in the car but it was super hot that day.  Lindy's vision teacher had offered for us to eat in her room so we took her up on the offer so we didn't sweat to death before the play.  At 5:30pm they headed to meet up with their classes and I headed to meet up with Drew, my parents, and Lynn.  After a very short PTA meeting, the musical began!

Will was up first with his class, dressed as ladybugs and singing, "To Be a Lady."  Yeah, he was not happy about that.  No 2nd grade boy wanted to be singing about being a lady.  But they did it.  They made it cute too.  The girls had feather boas they twirled during the chorus and the boys had top hats they tipped to the girls during the chorus.   They kids made up the dance for their song and they did a great job.  Will made it through being a lady! 

Lindy was up after that with her class dressed as ants, singing "March of the Army Ants."  Those ants did a lot of marching around the stage!  Lindy's group solo was up towards the beginning of the song and she did great getting to where she needed to go.  They had a microphone on stage for her, as opposed to her going to one of the mics that were down a few steps.  This meant she had her own mic and could sing straight into it and yes you could hear her loud and clear!  She did a great job too. 

All the classes came back to sing the final song together.  Lindy and Will were almost directly lined up in front of each other but Will ended up being blocked by the kid in front of him.  It would have been so cool to get a picture of them together - oh well.  It was a great show and they won't do another performance till 5th grade.  We parted ways with our families and we headed to take Lindy and Will for frozen yogurt as a treat. 

Friday night after school Will had a friend, Bowen come over to play.  They had a good time and before we knew it, it was time to take him half way to meet him mom.   We dropped him off and then we decided to go downtown and eat dinner.  We headed to the Mellow Mushroom and ended up spending hours there.  Partly because we requested outdoor seating that took forever but also because it takes awhile to make their food.  We headed home after dinner.

Saturday was my very last March for Babies walk of 2016!  Five walks in the books!  I love my job but spring is long and tough for everyone.  I miss 5 weeks of Saturdays with my family.   Drew did a great job of getting the kids everywhere they had to be and we had to have some good grandparent help but we made it through another walk season and we raised a lot of money for babies! 

This particular Saturday Drew only had to get Will to tennis.  Lindy did not have baseball that day.  They ended up meeting up with the Bryant family because they were in town for a soccer game.  After meeting up they decided to go to the Greek Festival.  Drew swung by and got Mimo and they headed to meet back up with the Bryants.  I hear everyone had a great time.  Lindy waited in line a long time to get her face painted like a tiger.  She looked so cute!  Mimo laughed when she sent me the picture and said, "Leave her alone with her dad and this happens."   Mimo wasn't laughing later that night when she was babysitting and had to wash it all off before her shower and bedtime!  ha! 

Drew and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, May 11th and we headed out to eat Saturday night to celebrate.  We had a nice dinner, followed by a trip to the new Publix and a used book store. 

Sunday was our normal chore day and I spent hours outside cutting weeds down on the back of our property.  They really aren't my weeds, they are the neighbors weeds growing onto our fence and into our yard.   It was a pretty day and I enjoyed being out there working. 

That wraps up the week and here are pictures of my favorite bugz!

Tuesday morning dress rehearsal

 Thursday night during the real performance!  Cutest ladybug ever!

 There is our sweet marching ant!
 Singing her group solo!  It was more like rapping actually.
 Ten hut!

 Final performance with all classes

 There he is, peeking out!
 With their adoring crowd!
 My favorite bugs!
 Treats after to celebrate!
 Playing with my camera

 The ever present glare we get pretty often from the boy these days.  It's little exaggerated here!

 Silly girl!
 Will and Bowen
 The Greek Festival - Opa!

The beautiful tiger!

With her kitty friend!

This was the second time I've done this post - grrrrrrrr.  I had it all ready to go on Wednesday and when I went to publish it - it all went away.  I was too mad to do it again until today.  So here you go - again!!!

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