Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Last was spring break for the kids.  They had a great time in Daytona Beach with friends.  Just kidding!  They did have a great time away from home, just with their grandparents and not friends.  In Mint Hill and Mooresville, not Daytona Beach!

We left Sunday evening and met GrandBob and Suzette at McDonald's in Salisbury for the handoff.  They stayed with them till Wednesday afternoon when they met my parents for another handoff.  My parents kept them till Friday evening when I met them in Mocksville to get them and bring them home.

While at GrandBob and Suzette's Will got out to do some fun things while Lindy refused to go out and do anything.  That girl is such a homebody.  She never wants to go do anything.  I think they made her go outside some but I think she hung out at their house.  Will on the other hand enjoys getting out to do things.  Monday he went with GrandBob to Dave and Buster's for some arcade action.  They also played tennis on Monday and Tuesday.  Will played lots of piano with Suzette and Lindy played lots of imaginary guide dog and paw patrol with both GrandBob and Suzette.  They also played with a train track a neighbor had given them and I hear they made some cool tracks.

While in Mooresville they played outside quite a bit, too.  Playing ball with Sadie and shooting rockets with Papa.  There were some trips to McDonald's and Sweet Frog for yogurt.  Lindy will leave the house for food she likes!  They played paw patrol and legos. 

I met my parents Friday night for dinner and got the kids and brought them home.  Saturday Will was supposed to have his second tennis practice but wouldn't you know it we woke up to light rain and just enough to make the courts too wet for practice.  They ended up having to cancel it.  Of course by 11am the sun was out and everything was dry and it was a beautiful, albeit windy, day.  Drew had a funeral and I mowed the yard.  The kids played out back for awhile.  Last night we watched basketball.

Today we had church and that is about it.  The kids and I are enjoying their last day of spring break.  Daddy left for a boys' trip with GrandBob, Uncle Ed, and Aunt Jamie's dad, Richard, to the Masters practice rounds. 

Some pictures from the kids wild spring break week!

Pics from GrandBob and Suzette's house
 Dave and Busters with GrandBob
 They got her outside at least!
 He won a game (or two!) against GrandBob!
Digging for worms! 
Indulging her Paw Patrol addiction!
Onto Nana and Papa's for more fun.  

 Playing ball with Sadie!

 They spent lots of time shooting of these fun rockets my dad found.  They have LED lights and are really fun at night. 

 One of Will's creations.  A Lego ball holder for Sadie's balls.
 I hear there were quite a few jokes/pranks played on April Fools Day.  Bob had to get his jokes in earlier in the week.  One included a letter to Will from UNC Chapel Hill telling him he got to attend a special week.  Papa tried convincing the kids there were 32 days in March and he told me he had them dressed in snow gear to play outside.  Lindy played one on Papa, telling him to get in the back as she was driving to meet me.  I think they all like April Fools day! 
Back to school.  You should have heard the moans and groans tonight. 

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