Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sports Related

All the fun stuff this week had to do with some kind of sporting activity. 

I spent the week recovering from the March for Babies last weekend and planning two more.  Wednesday afternoon I took off to take Drew to get an endoscopy.  Drew has awful heartburn and has had it for years and years.  Even on 4 pills of acid reflux meds he still has it.  It was time to look down the old esophagus to see what damage is being done.   We'll find out the results early this week.  He was funny waking up from anesthesia.  He kept repeating himself and trying to convince me to let him drive.  Yeah right. 

Thursday morning was a busy one.  Will has an opportunity to go to a different school and do a different program so we went and toured it Thursday morning.  No decisions have been made but we are gathering all the info we can.  Will and I had to sneak out early to get back to school for the Boosterthon Fun Run.  In Will's words "I love the Fun Run."  It's all fun and games for him but we have to ask our family for money!  They do make it a fun week for the kids and they are all pumped to go run their 35 laps.  Lindy walked with her vision teacher and her friend Preston.  Will ran with wild abandon!  They had fun and we did raise money for new technology so it was a win-win. 

Friday afterschool was fun for the kids.  Lindy went home with a friend to play and Will went over to the Bryants' to play while I finished working.  Drew met us at the Bryants' and we all went to dinner and then downtown to the Light Project.  They did a light show in a hidden tunnel downtown.  I was underwhelmed but it was fun to be downtown and the kids had fun with the changing light colors. 

Saturday was full of sporting events.  I took Will to tennis lessons at 10:30am and when they were done we all headed to Lindy's first baseball game this year.  She played two years ago but the league didn't have kids last year.  We found a new league for her this year and there were 20 kids out there Saturday.  She had a blast!  She had a buddy, Naomi, who she talked to the whole time!  This league doesn't use a tee.  They pitch till the kids get a hit.  Every kid got a hit!   They played two innings and then provided a little snack.  Mimo came to watch her first game, too.  It was a beautiful afternoon for some baseball and Lindy had a blast. 

Saturday afternoon and most of today we have alternated between cleaning, yardwork and fun.  Lindy and I have worked on a school project as well in there.  We almost have the house clean but we were able to ride bikes and jump on the trampoline.  Will is an official two wheel bike rider!!  We started working with him last summer when we moved to a flat yard and flat driveway and he was starting to get the hang of it.  I got him back on a couple weeks ago and he has practiced and now he can do it!  Finally!!!  Lindy has no interest and tells us we cannot take her training wheels off.  Maybe one day! 

The weather is finally starting to warm up and we had some pretty days.  Pics from the week.

Fun Run with Ms. Donna and Preston

Runner boy, Will

Giving High 5's to his adoring fans!

After his 35 laps

 With his friend Ben
 Lindy the night of the Fun Run.  Check out that hair.  It was everywhere!

Friday night at the Bryants'.  Mazie was very confused on why two girls were in her crate and she was outside the crate!
 Checking out the light show downtown.

 Look at Lindy. baahahahaha!
 Two seconds later - all smiles!

Saturday tennis lessons with Coach Rod!

 Swing Batter Batter!
 Heading to 3rd!

 Stealing home!!
 Throwing the ball in

 Lindy and her buddy Naomi

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