Tuesday, April 12, 2016

March for Babies 2016

Last week was a bit of a crazy week for me.  The week leading up to our first March for Babies walk of the season.  I love the Winston-Salem MFB but it does take on a slightly different meaning when I'm the one planning the whole shebang.  I managed to get home on time for the first two days, although I spent all night working.  I was a little late Wednesday night and very late Thursday night.  I didn't see the kids before they went to bed. 

The week was pretty normal otherwise.  Friday night Drew took the kids to the Family Fun night at the new little league that Lindy is going to play baseball at this spring.  I met them at home after they were done.  Nana came over that evening to go to the MFB and to help me out. 

We were up and out the door at 5:15am that morning.  It was cold but we were layered.  It was not windy at 6am so we set everything up, including 23 pop up tents with concrete on them.  Around 8am, when people started arriving, the wind started blowing, and all heck broke loose.  Tents were trying to fly off and people were holding them down.  It turned into a quick nightmare actually.  Every tent was quickly taken down before anyone got hurt and the show went on.  People said they still had a good time, despite the wind and cold.  It got colder as the morning went on. 

The kids and Drew had the old standbys walking with us and some new friends.  A couple new families from church joined us, and our new neighbors.  We also had Lynn, my mom, Bob, Martha from our last church, and the Bryant family walking with us.  Most have walked with us for 5-8 years.  The Bryants have walked 8 years with us!  Talk about good friends! 

When the walk was done and cleaned up, my mom and I headed to meet up with Drew and the kids for Lindy's first baseball game.  They were to have pictures and a game.  I got there when they were handing out t-shirts.  It was so cold outside they had moved them to an indoor location where they were taking pics.  They had all these nets out and they let the Challenger League kids do some batting practice.  They did not end up playing a game.  They took a group pic and got to bat and called it a day.  Lindy had fun hitting balls.  The guy in there was actually pitching to her and she was hitting some!  She was so funny and cute when she'd hit one.  She'd stomp her foot!  It was funny.  She tried the tee but it was actually too tall for her.

The rest of the weekend was not exciting.  I didn't move from the couch on Saturday evening.  Sunday we did our normal church and chores.  And here we go again this week.

Pics from the walk on Saturday!

Bundled up and ready to March for Babies

Church friends - can you tell how cold and windy it was?

My sweet March of Dimes babes

Walking for our sweet Adam. 

Claire and Will walking the route

Hot dog lunch!

Some of the team.  The ones that were around at that time anyway!

Martha was there.  She worked her butt off!  She came early and stayed late and practically ran the route.  No one can keep up with her!  Thanks for all the help Martha!!

Million Dollar Babies came in #1 for top family team raising the most money!!  Wahoo!  Money for the babies!!

8 years and counting of walking with the Bryants!  Claire was in utero the first walk!

My trusty co-workers!  Velvet and Meghan!

My sweet niece was sporting some March of Dimes purple wear!  She models it well!

Our new neighbors were there!

Ed, Jamie, and her parents braved the wind for a small amount of time.  Too cold for my precious baby niece!
On to baseball in the afternoon!  Looking good baseball player!

Being silly!

Lindy's teammates.

Batting practice!

Love the leg up!

The cutest ball player around!

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