Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week Before Vacation

I had to get through last week to make it to a week of vacation.  I made it!! 

The week was a much more normal week since all the events for work are over.  I had a dentist appointment on Monday.  Thankfully that went fine.

Tuesday I had Lindy’s annual IEP review meeting.  It went fine.  She is just getting hearing and vision therapy these days.  She has speech in there just as support in case we ever want to start services up.  She also gets adaptive PE.  The new assistant principal at school was surprised she doesn’t have PT as a service.  She did when she started kindergarten but they eventually discharged her because nothing was impacting her education.  She does trip a good bit but I’m not sure that affects her education.  The scariest part of the IEP was seeing the testing modifications in there.  Since this goes through the beginning of her 3rd grade year, they had to add modifications for the beginning of year EOG.  I dread thinking of those EOG tests next year.  What I also learned at her meeting was how much stinking testing is done in 3rd grade.  It is going to be rough.  Testing is hard for every child but they are not made for visually impaired kids and it is so draining for her.  Something to look forward to. 

Thursday after school Lindy had a neurosurgery appointment.  She was thrilled she didn’t have to have surgery that day.  I guess she misunderstood the appointment! ha!  We got there early so we grabbed a snack from the cafeteria and then headed up at 3:30pm.  They were 30 mins behind but I had brought homework so we worked on that.  They called us back at 4pm and we saw a PA around 4:25pm.  She was gone a little after 4:30pm.  Lindy was going on and on about the actual neurosurgeon so the PA asked if Lindy wanted to see him and of course she said yes.  Around 5pm I was ready to blow that joint.  I didn’t know if we actually needed to see the neurosurgeon or if we were just saying hi.  He finally came in and it turned out to just say hi.  Lindy got to check his reflexes and check out his light.  She got his business card, which she was super excited about.  On the way out she said, “If I have a shunt emergency, I’ll call you.”  ha ha!  She is a nut.   I’m so glad she has done well with her shunt.  For the most part we forget it’s even there but he reminded me of it when he said “let’s hope we don’t have to do surgery because we’ll have to give you a funny haircut.”   Yes, let’s hope not.

We had a pretty quiet weekend.  I searched for something fun to do Friday night but never found anything.  We ended up going out to dinner and to Walmart for ice cream and cookies.  ha!  Saturday Will got a haircut and had tennis lessons.  It was his last lesson as he won’t be there next week.  He has enjoyed the lessons and he would like to do more in the spring.   Saturday afternoon we went to see the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe play put on by our local theatre group.  Our neighbor girl was in it so we went to see her.  Her parents gave us tickets, yay!, and saved us seats on the front row so Lindy could see better.  It was definitely community theatre but Will loved it and Lindy watched about as good as I’ve seen her at  a play.  Drew had just finished reading the book to the kids so they knew the story well.  It was a nice afternoon. 

Today we had church and a Thanksgiving lunch after church.  It was quite yummy.  We also got our pictures taken for our Christmas card.  Good times. 

Enjoy a few pictures.  Stay tuned till next week when you learn of our Thanksgiving adventure!

Tuesday was World Prematurity Day.  We wore purple for preemies.IMG_9012IMG_9013
Will finished another Kinex set this week.  He has worked hard on these sets he got for his birthday.   These sets are hard and the instructions are tough but we did it!IMG_0836
Lindy has shown some interest in her dolls this week. We will see if it’s short lived.
Lindy with a few cast members on Saturday at the play.IMG_9033
Our neighbor Carmen.  Who is younger than Lindy. ha!IMG_9035
The witch, whose real name was Landy. 

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