Sunday, November 8, 2015

Special Boy’s Special Day

I finished my post last Sunday but Drew was already in bed and I didn’t remember to have him read it until Wednesday.  He reads all my posts because I hate proofreading my own things.

So let’s start with Sunday night – THE ROYALS WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!!  In case you missed it.  I stayed up until 1am to watch them win.  That made for an interesting week.  It was awesome.  So awesome!!  I had to celebrate by myself though as everyone else had been sleeping for hours.  I was so close to waking Will up for the end – but I didn’t.  I should have.  I made him a note and had it on his bed so he saw it when he woke up!   We wish we could have been in Missouri to celebrate!  Kansas City area schools cancelled school on Tuesday so everyone could go to the celebration parade.  My sister and nieces got a ‘Blue Snow day’ and went to the parade.  We were jealous! 

Wednesday after school was an exciting day for Lindy.  The Industries for the Blind called to say her new CCTV was in.  This is a machine that magnifies everything for her.  She has been using one at school for years, but she got a brand new one this school year.  They gave us one when she started kindergarten but it interfered with her hearing aids and sat in the closet.  I returned it this summer when we were moving.  I contacted them this fall about trying another one.  They ended up ordering her the same brand as her school one and we walked out the door with another brand new one.  They knew it didn’t interfere with her hearing aids so they got it for her.   We have been trying it out in all different kinds of situations.  Homework is the number one priority I wanted it for but we have been using it for Facetime this weekend.  Normally when she face times, she holds the phone so close to her head that people can only see her bangs.  Now we set her phone up and she sees them blown up on her screen and they can see her whole face.  Score!  She reads on it too and man she flies.  She has to move the book back and forth because she has it so magnified.  She was about to make me sick the other night but she is used to it.  She uses it to write as well.  It’s so counterintuitive to look up and write but it magnifies the lines she is supposed to write on so it helps.  I’m hoping to see some better concentration during homework time each night because it has been taking a long time lately.  But after a full day of school I’m sure her eyes are exhausted.  In ways we can’t even imagine.   So anyway, we are excited about it.   Lindy is super excited!

Thursday after school the kids had dentist appointments.  No cavities but there was a good bit of teeth cleaning going on.  Lindy has come so far at the dentist.  She gets x-rays and cleanings without throwing up and now she loves the dentist!  So glad this got so much better!  We tried letting the kids have more freedom with their own tooth brushing but that backfired a bit.  Will didn’t have it too bad but Lindy endured a good 10 minutes of scraping, mostly on the back of her bottom lower teeth.  Obviously she had not been brushing there.  So we are back to going over them at night now.  Not ready yet to go it alone.  She did amazing to sit there and take it that long.  Will had some on the front of his bottom teeth but not too bad.  He also has a loose tooth so that should be out soon. 

Friday we celebrated our sweet Will’s special day.  The day he came home from the NICU.  It’s a day we still celebrate – even 9 years later!  Lindy and Will will always share their birthday so this is our way of making sure they have a day just about them.  This day was all about Will and how excited we were to get our first baby home – 100 days after he entered the world.  That’s a long time!  The kids love their special days.  Sometimes I think more than their birthdays.  There are no presents involved on special days but instead we let the special kid pick an activity for us to do.  Something we wouldn’t normally do.  It happened this year that I influenced both their special day activities a bit but that is because I found some stuff I thought they would like and they would have no way of knowing about.  But because of plans for Friday night, we celebrated the special day activity on Saturday night.  I did make signs for Will for his bed and had some balloons blown up.  I also went and ate lunch with him at school.  He chose his friend Ben to eat with him. 

Friday night was Family Fun night at school.  The best day of the year for the kids at school.  This year it was moved to after Halloween and made into more of a fall festival.  Although kids still dressed up if they wanted.  We met Drew there that night and did all the required games and activities.   Two new ones this year included Lindy’s vision teacher and she loved that.  They had a silly string contest and they got to shoot silly string at Ms. Donna.  Ms. Donna was shooting it right back at them.  It was funny because my kids had no idea what silly string was until Friday night.  They were a little weirded out at first but got into it quickly.  The second activity was the dunking booth and Ms. Donna.  She actually told Lindy to go hit the button with her hand so she got to dunk her.  She told Will to move up and I think he took that as go push it with his hand too and he did before we could stop him.  Thankfully Ms. Donna likes him too.  I worked a shift at the hay ride for Will’s class.  Drew and Lindy left and Will and I waited till the end to see if we won the raffle.  We didn’t.  We headed home after a fun (at least the kids think it’s fun – not sure I agree! ha!) night.

Saturday morning we had a super lazy morning around the house because it was raining outside.  Tennis got cancelled again.  We were continuing on with Will’s special day celebration and so we tried to go see the Peanuts movie but it was sold out.  We had a super disappointed boy on our hands.  Thankfully that was not his planned activity – just an additional one we thought of.  We headed to Winston for dinner and then went to see the Boxcar Children play. We spent most of the summer reading the Boxcar Children books so I suggested that to Will when I saw it was the same weekend.  It was fun to do something different.  Will really enjoyed it but we’re not sure how much Lindy saw of it.  We got there early and they let us in early to get a good seat but it was still set a little farther back on the stage.  She acted bored so that’s why we aren’t sure what she saw.  I didn’t love the play.  It portrayed the characters much differently than the books.  But as long as Will liked it, that’s all that matters.

Today we had church and then Will and I gave it another go at the Peanuts movie and this time we had success.  We went to the theatre in our new town which is smaller and only $4.  Heck yeah!  We got there around 1:15pm and there was already a short line.  We got in and had to wait but it was worth it.  It was a cute movie and Will loved it.  Charlie Brown falls in love.   I wonder if it will change Will’s views on girls.  I don’t think he’s spent too much time thinking girls are pretty (although he told Lindy she was sexy the other day.  Ummm, had to have a conversation about that! ha!).  It was cute and Will and I enjoyed our afternoon.  Lindy and Drew enjoyed theirs going to Target to look at Paw Patrol toys.  Her favorite activity these days.

We’re gearing up for another week.  A few pictures of this week though.

We were excited Royals fans this week!IMG_8939DSC_5884
They wore their shirts to school on Monday. IMG_8941IMG_8942
Lindy chilaxing at the dentist on Thursday.IMG_8960
Will’s special day!!DSC_5862
Lunch with Will and his friend.
Family Fun night madness with Ms. Donna!DSC_5863DSC_5864DSC_5867DSC_5871DSC_5872
Lindy tried on a Minecraft Steve headDSC_5875
Ms. Donna in the dunking booth!  The lady lifted Lindy up to push the button.
Will tried throwing before he just went and pushed.  This one looked good.

There really wasn’t much to take a picture of at the Boxcar Children so no pictures of that. 

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