Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Event Week

Last week was an event week.  We had our last March of Dimes event for the year!  Seven major events over the year keep us busy!  I was super busy last week with work which meant I didn’t have time to take many pics.

Not much happened during the week except the kids had school off on Veteran’s Day.  Awful timing for me as there was no way I could take the day off.  My mom came to the rescue and watched the kids.  She came over Tuesday night and spent the night and kept the kids on Wednesday.  I’m proud of her as she took the kids to McDonald’s and Target all by herself!  She is always a bit nervous to go places she doesn’t know well but she did great.  She did homework with them too!  Score! 

Our event was Friday night and Drew came to help volunteer so my mom came to the rescue again.  Thanks, Mom, for the help this week.  She picked the kids up from school and took them for yogurt on the way home.  Unbeknownst to me until much later that night, my dad and Sadie dog came over for dinner too.  I’m sure the dogs loved romping around!  Mom spent the night with us since we didn’t get home till super late. 

Saturday morning my mom and I took Will to tennis lessons and Drew and Lindy ran up to the church to get some Brunswick stew they were making.  When they got home Mom and I ran to Target to pick up a birthday present.  She headed home and the kids and I headed to a birthday party.  Will is much closer with Ben but Lindy had him in kindergarten so she was invited too.  There were a couple other girls there her age.  I was the only parent that stayed but they was a lot of outdoor, semi dangerous stuff (not really!  ha!) and I didn’t want one of the parents to have to watch her the entire time.  Both kids had fun – I hardly even saw Will he was having so much fun! 

Sunday was church and chores and a nap.  I needed a nap after last week.

Here are the pitiful amount of pics I took this week.  And actually, two my mom took! ha!

No pics so I’ll include the sweet puppy.IMG_8977
At McDonald’s on WednesdayIMG_9020IMG_9021
Playing in the leaf pile at the birthday party on Saturday.IMG_8995

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