Friday, August 28, 2015

Southern Family Birthday Party

We brought the kids and dog home to the new house late Friday night.  In fact they fell asleep on the way home but they wanted us to wake them up to see the house.  They walked around quickly and then went straight to bed in their new, and separate rooms!  They slept good and woke up happy since they were having more birthday celebrations on Saturday, August 1st. 

Saturday morning we had a visit from our friend Cory.  He is from our old church and had birthday presents for the kids.  He got them Western Carolina University t –shirts – his alma mater.  Real funny!

Because we had moved one week before, there was no way we could have a birthday party at our house.  Thankfully the other Jamie offered to let us have a birthday party at their house.  We took her up on the offer.  The Southerns, Jamie’s parents, sister and nephew, and Ms. Martha from our old church, all came for dinner, cake and presents.  It was nice and simple and the kids had a good time. 

Mr. Cory!
Lindy messing with Aiden!IMG_8285
Sharing a Coke (can) with Sis!
Waiting for her party guestsDSC_5507
Presents were chaotic this year.  They were flying through them!DSC_5509DSC_5510DSC_5511DSC_5515DSC_5520DSC_5524DSC_5525DSC_5529DSC_5530
Cake time!
Ms. Martha!  What a great picture!DSC_5545
Cousin Molly
Jennifer and JackDSC_5548
Aunt Joan and DeirdreDSC_5549
GrandBob and SuzetteDSC_5551
Aunt Jamie and Uncle EdDSC_5553
Lorrie and RichardDSC_5562

At the end of the party Ed and Jamie – well actually Molly – made an announcement – they are having a baby!  The newest Southern is on the way!!  We are excited for them – and excited it’s not us Smile

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