Sunday, August 16, 2015

Moving Week

At the beginning of July, Drew started a new appointment with a new church, about 15 mins away.  This church came with a parsonage.  Part of us dreaded moving but the part of us that likes a free house won!  We could have moved the end of June but because of a couple crazy weeks in June and three camps happening in July, I just didn’t see that happening.  Instead we moved on July 24th. 

Moving with two almost 8 year olds and a dog is hard.  Packing didn’t start until we had a massive yard sale on July 11th and then when it did it was happening between 9-11pm.  It was slow going.  We shipped the dog off to my parents a week before we moved.  Aiden loved grandparent camp because he got to spend two weeks wrestling with his sister!  We couldn’t ship the kids off because we had paid for camps for them. 

The movers came on the last day of summer camp for Will.  GrandBob and Suzette got up early and got to our house in time to pick Will up and take him to camp.  They entertained Lindy for two hours and then they went back to presentation day at Lego camp.  They all had lunch with Aunt Jamie and Molly and then they headed to Charlotte for the first of many stops on their tour.  The kids spent the weekend in Charlotte at GrandBob’s and Suzette’s.  They played tennis, went out to eat,  and Lindy played imaginary everything with Suzette.  They had a blast!  Sunday they headed over to Mimo’s house for a two day stay there.  I’m not sure I heard all the details of their stay  (or pictures, ahem,) but I do know it included seeing the new Minions movie and lots of playtime with Pooka (and Phoebe?) and that they had a lot of fun.  Tuesday Lynn drove the kids up to my parents’ house where they got to spend time with my parents, sister, and nieces who were visiting from Missouri!

While they were off having fun, we got everything moved to the new house and cleaned at the old house.  Moving sucks.  I took a few days off work so we had some good quality unpacking time with no kids and the dog.  Just the cat.  Who thought he was living the good life with no kids and a dog.  He was very sad when they all came back home!  ha! 

Here are pictures I have of the kids’ time away from us.

Last night sleeping in the house!
Last breakfast in the house!DSC_5478
Last picture of them in every room in the house!DSC_5481DSC_5482DSC_5483DSC_5485DSC_5486
Lego camp presentations!
Fun at GrandBob and Suzettes!

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