Tuesday, August 25, 2015

8th Birthday

What what?  How are they 8?????  I swear they were just born.

Mimo dropped the kids off at my parents’ house on Tuesday afternoon (July 28th).  They were excited to see Hayley and Rylee.  I think they jumped in the pool first thing and that afternoon I had videos of Will jumping off the diving board?  Whoa!  This is the boy who wouldn’t put his head in the water in June.  What a long way he has come this summer!  They played and swam and took a boat ride on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Drew and I headed over after work on Wednesday.  After swimming I had to run to Walmart to get a cake and some birthday supplies.  I was not prepared this year. 

Thursday morning was the kids’ 8th birthday!  Hayley and I got up at 5:30am and we decorated the kids’ beds with streamers and balloons.  They were surprised when they woke up and couldn’t get out of the bed!!  They got up and started the day with a Krispy Kreme birthday cake doughnut.  We did presents early that morning because of our plans for the day.   They got some great presents but they were not hands on toys for them to play with so I think at first they weren’t too excited.  My parents got the kids a new trampoline.  They had a small one that they had outgrown and we sold it at the yard sale.  They had the trampoline but it was in the box in Papa’s truck.  They had a picture in the card.  Aunt Amy and family got Lindy a new dog magazine and got Will some pennants for his new bedroom (that match his new comforter) and then got them the ladder for their trampoline.  Drew and I got the kids new, bigger bikes and new clocks for their new rooms.  

We got ready and headed to the dock to take a boat ride to go get a birthday lunch.  We ate at the Blue Parrot for their birthday lunch.  We headed home and ate birthday cake and then we headed out to Charlotte for a night at Carowinds – our local amusement park.  Because we moved I suggested to the kids we skip a friend party and go do something fun – like Carowinds.  It worked out perfectly that their cousins – who they have only seen on their birthday once in their lives (their 1st birthday – ha) – were in town and could go with them.  We walked in the door a little after 4pm and we stayed until after 10pm!  6 hours of fun in the super hot sun.  Lindy and Will weren’t tall enough to ride anything out of the kids’ area.  Rylee was tall enough to ride a couple bigger ones, which left Hayley by herself.  Drew and I took her and we rode a couple big ones – including the brand new Fury, which was an insane roller coaster ride.  325 foot drop, 81 degree incline and you reach 90mph.  It was crazy! We met back up with my mom, sister, and kids.  I was feeling a bit queasy after the big rides so I watched from the sidelines for a bit.  The kids were having a great time.  I rode a couple more with Hayley later in the evening when I felt better.  We ended the night in the skytower thing checking out all the lights and even got to see the fireworks from up there.  The littles were all sacked out by the time we got home – exhausted but happy from the long, fun day. 

Friday morning we got up and headed back out on the boat.  Half of us rode with Papa on his boat and the other half rode with my dad’s neighbor/friend, Ric.  Ric has a speed boat and skis and Hayley wanted to try skiing.  Drew, my sister and I also tried and we were all successful.  Papa was pulling tubers at the same time on his boat.  We stopped for lunch and then headed back out for more fun and swimming.  It was the longest we’d ever spent out on the lake but it was fun. 

We finally headed back to my parents’, showered, and our family said our goodbyes and headed home after dinner.

Birthday beds! IMG_7312IMG_7313IMG_7316IMG_7317IMG_7321
Birthday doughnuts!IMG_7325IMG_7328IMG_7332IMG_7333IMG_7334
Birthday presents!IMG_7339
Birthday lunch and boat ride!
Birthday cake!IMG_7410IMG_7411IMG_7412IMG_7418IMG_7419IMG_7423IMG_7425
Carowinds with Hayley and Rylee! 

Happy birthday Lindy and Will and Adam! 

Friday morning fun on the lake

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