Monday, July 20, 2015

4th of July

The last week of June was as busy as usual.  We had no childcare plans so they stayed with Drew all week. 

Thursday afternoon Drew and the kids headed to Charlotte to see GrandBob and Suzette.  They ate pizza and spaghetti for dinner that night.  Lindy beat her personal record of eating two bowls of spaghetti.  On Friday Drew, Will and Bob went downtown to Discovery Place.  Apparently, Lindy did not want to go so instead she went to Suzette’s knitting circle.  Apparently she wowed the crowds of women. 

Thursday night I loaded Aiden up and he and I headed to Mooresville to my parents’.  Aiden and Sadie got lots of wrestling in over the next few days.  Mom and I got up Friday and headed to Ikea.  We spent a few (maybe more like 4-5) hours there and then headed back to Mooresville and continued the shopping.  I got some much needed stuff so it was great. 

Saturday around lunchtime Drew and the kids came over to my parents’.  Drew hung out for a little bit and then Drew headed home.  The kids and I got to go visit my neighbors in high school when we lived in Asheboro.  David was in my class and Margaret was a year younger than him.  I was friends with both but have stayed in touch with Margaret.  It was fun though because I got to see both – and even their little sister who was about 6 when we were in high school and is now getting married this fall!  Margaret has a new baby so I got to hold and love on him.  It was great to catch up with them!

Saturday night we grilled out, did pop its and sparklers and watched the fireworks being shot off all around us.  We walked to my parents’ dock but we couldn’t see very well.  We walked to one of their neighbor’s docks and we saw a lot of fireworks.  Next time we go there on the 4th of July we are going to make Papa take us out on the boat, even if it’s just to the end of the cove.

Sunday the kids, dog and I headed home.  It was a fun weekend for all.

Lindy’s new obsession is picking up the cat.  For some odd reason, he is letting her!
She came to me one day and said, “Special Delivery”IMG_7860
Aiden and his sis, Sadie.  Wrestle buddies.IMG_7914
They swam for a bit but it was kind of chilly so they didn’t stay in long.
Lindy’s patriotic star hairdo.  Yes!  I did that!!IMG_7921
4th of July kids!
Me and Baby Griggs!  SO cute!IMG_7943
The kids and Katherine.  I will always think of her as a little girl, about the age of the kids.IMG_7944
Pop-its in action
We got home to watch the Women’s World Cup game.  (An amazing game!)  Somehow we all ended up on the couch.  Well, everyone except Jack. 

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