Wednesday, July 1, 2015

End of 1st Grade

The second week of June was busy busy with it being the last week of school.

Monday started with Will’s class picnic at lunch.  A fun lunch was had by all.  Will played with his friends and then they were allowed to leave if they wanted to.  Will waffled on whether to stay or go and ended up deciding to go.  He regretted his decision.  We never told him he was going to leave school to go do something fun.  He ended up riding with Drew to Greensboro and having a really boring time.  I ended up picking Lindy up and meeting them and Will was one unhappy camper.  It was a bit funny because he was so dramatic. 

Tuesday was field day – apparently the greatest day of the school year.  The kids think it is awesome.  It started out raining in the early morning but it stopped and cleared off which made for a muggy, hot day!  I will say that field day is pretty organized.  They rotated through stations and played the games for about 10 mins each.  The teachers each had a cooler and the kids could go get drinks whenever they wanted.  Lots of games had water so Lindy’s hearing aids came out pretty quickly.  I went over for about an hour. 

Wednesday we had Lindy’s class picnic at lunch at the same spot as Will’s.  Just a different class with different kids and parents.  It was another nice time.  Lindy was not hungry for pizza but was hungry for popsicles.  She ended up going with Drew as well and they ran a few errands.  She didn’t have any fun either but apparently it wasn’t as bad as riding to Greensboro.

Thursday I had some outpatient surgery done to remove some endometriosis I had been having problems with.  We were there at 9am and my mom picked the kids up from school for us.  We were home late afternoon.  My mom stayed and helped for a bit before heading home.  Drew got the kids up and ready and got pictures of them on the last day of school.   I did a lot of sleeping that whole day.  My best friend from high school did stop by for a bit because she was in town.  I can’t say I remember much of the visit but I’m glad she stopped by! 

I was still moving slow but with the help of a few doses of pain pills I made it to the kids’ end of the school year surprise.  The kids love the Kidz Bop cds and the Kidz Bop kids were going to be in Greensboro.  I bought the tickets before I knew I was having surgery and I wasn’t sure if I’d make it.  It was a last minute decision but thought I could ride 30 minutes to Greensboro.  Drew dropped me at the door and I shuffled right in and to our seats.  Drew and the kids came in and we all enjoyed the concert. I did zero dancing but was still able to enjoy the music.  I shuffled to the car and home to bed again.

Drew was able to be preacher and dad on Sunday and get the kids to bed.  I was starting to feel worse on Sunday and was having trouble and serious pain walking.  There was no way I could have cared for the kids. 

It’s almost impossible to think the kids are done with 1st grade.  How does it go so fast?  I swear they were just starting kindergarten yesterday.  I tell them all the time to stop growing up so fast, but they refuse.  They both had great years and great teachers.  Summer is here – but I know it’ll be over before I know it.

Fun with friends!
This game illustrated to me he doesn’t know how to jump rope! ha!DSC_4655DSC_4656DSC_4657DSC_4660DSC_4661DSC_4667DSC_4668DSC_4671DSC_4672DSC_4675DSC_4679DSC_4680DSC_4681DSC_4685DSC_4687DSC_4688DSC_4693DSC_4696
Lindy was most excited about the popsicle!DSC_4699DSC_4702
Lindy and Ms. Donna – her awesome vision teacher!DSC_4704
Will and Ms. MayDSC_4705
Lindy and her PRT – Ms. SappDSC_4706
Lindy and Ms. PetersDSC_4708
Last day of 1st grade! 
Kidz Bop concert!
Mama was there – just barely!IMG_7764

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