Monday, July 13, 2015

Last Sunday at Faith UMC

We got home late Saturday night from Destin, played with the pup, unpacked the bare necessities and headed to bed.   Sunday morning we woke up early for our last day at Faith UMC.  Drew has been the pastor there for 5 years.  The past 5 years have had some ups and downs but we have made some lasting friendships at this church and we will miss many people. 

They surprised us by making a video from pictures of the last 5 years.  I had been fine until they started up the video.  They didn’t warn me at all!  So then I lost it!  I pulled it together – finally – and was able to enjoy the rest of the service and the potluck lunch afterwards.  The video had lots of pictures of the kids when they were young.  This church has really watched our kids grow up.  5 years at this time in their lives is big.

We will miss our friends – but we aren’t going far – so we expect to still see them!

Some pictures of our last Sunday.  I didn’t get pics with a lot of people but here are a few.

Ms. Phyllis – the kids’ Sunday School teacher for 3 years and children’s church teacher for 5 years.DSC_5348 - Copy
Dylan – the kids’ good buddy DSC_5349 - Copy
Mr. Cory – resident high flyer of the kids.  Lindy loves when he picks her up and throws her in the air!  DSC_5350 - Copy
Beautiful Juliana – she cried more than I did that day.  She’s so sweet!
DSC_5351 - Copy
The kids got to sing one last song with the Flickers of Faith.  It was a super cute song, too.DSC_5353 - CopyDSC_5354 - Copy
Lindy added some cool moves to the song!
DSC_5359 - Copy

Lindy with Ms. Amy – their choir directorDSC_5363 - Copy
Daddy’s last children’s church at FaithDSC_5365 - Copy
Sister Bonnie and Brother FrankDSC_5366 - Copy
Saying a blessing and giving us a super nice going away presentDSC_5367 - Copy
Ms. Betsy!  Partly responsible for the video.  But she did come sit with me after I started boo hooing!  DSC_5371 - Copy
Ms. Bec and Mr. Wayne – always been so great with the kids.  They gave them an art set which has kept them very busy since they got it!
DSC_5374 - Copy

Ms. Linda -  We have a special connection to her.  She used to rock Will sometimes in the NICU when we weren’t there.  She volunteers at the NICU.  She was the volunteer who walked us out of the NICU when we took Will home.  She helped us carry all our stuff and helped us get it into the car.  DSC_5378 - Copy
Ms. Amy and Mr. Paul – choir director and drum.  Lindy used to play Mr. Paul’s belly like a drum set.  He was much too kind to her.DSC_5379 - Copy
Mr. Donald – one of Lindy’s top favorites at this church.  Always so sweet with her and she just always gravitated to him.
DSC_5380 - Copy
Ms. Betty – an old friend of Grandbob’s.  We missed the troublemaker, Mr. Bill.
DSC_5382 - Copy
Mr. Jeff – pianist at the church and the candy man.  He gave all the kids a candy treat on each holiday.DSC_5383 - Copy
Ms. Jean – one of the sweetest people ever. 
DSC_5385 - Copy
Mr. Bernie and Ms. Pat.  Pat was the choir director and Bernie was PPRC chairman.  We loved to joke and pick with Pat.  She and Lindy shared a love of pirates for awhile.DSC_5387 - Copy
And Ms. Martha.  The awesome Ms. Martha.  The church couldn’t make it without her and we couldn’t either.  She was always there to help us out and watch the kids.   She can run circles around us and we just tried to keep up!  We’ll miss seeing her every week but we will see her – often!DSC_5389DSC_5390DSC_5391DSC_5393DSC_5396DSC_5397DSC_5398
Goodbye Faith UMC.  Keep in touch!!DSC_5402

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