Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Week Before Thanksgiving

The Chiefs lost again today.  Boo.  Last week I put Lindy in a Chiefs t-shirt and they lost so I thought I jinxed them.  I didn’t put her in it today and they still lost.  Glad to know it wasn’t me and Lindy last week. 

It was a fairly quiet week around our house.  Which was great after the super busy week we had last week.  I volunteered in Lindy’s specials on Tuesday.  I went to science and media with her.  It’s nice to get to know some of her classmates.   Besides Lindy and Will telling us every day who got in trouble, I can definitely pick them out myself now. 

Wednesday night the kids and I ate Thanksgiving dinner at church. 

Thursday Lindy had her yearly neurosurgery appointment to check her shunt.  Drew took her and actually saw the neurosurgeon.  We usually see a PA.  Drew said it was basically a waste of time, but of course the doctor had to warn him that her shunt can malfunction at any time.  We know, we know.   But we don’t live in fear.  For the most part I forget she has it.  They found out the neurosurgeon has a kindergarten son in another class at their school.  Thursday evening the kids had choir practice.  They got to practice the bells and I got recruited to ring with them.  My ears were ringing when we were done but we sounded pretty good!

Friday morning Lindy started getting a cold.  Her nose was running – which is awesome!  It usually drains down her throat.  We were all supposed to see our niece Molly in her middle school play, Aladdin, but Lindy and I ended up staying home.  Mostly because she was getting sick but some because she wouldn’t be able to see the play.  It would have been her playing a phone for 2 hours.  Instead Lindy and I made cookies – with well washed hands - and we played in her bed. 

Saturday morning I took Will up to the YMCA and signed him up for basketball.  This should be interesting!  I hope they lower the baskets!!  We came home and my parents got to our house.  We headed out to our last Wake Forest football game of the season.  Going to the game was kind of a last minute decision because they had been calling for some rain all week.  I wasn’t taking Lindy if it was supposed to rain.  Saturday morning the forecast was almost 60F and not showing any rain so we all headed out.  We thankfully brought two layers of coats and gloves because it was a little nippy out there.   We got back home around 3pm and I got quite a bit of stuff done around the house last night.  I was in a productive mood!

Today we headed to Charlotte for the Southern Christmas Show.  Jamie rode with us and we headed to Bob’s.  We met my parents there.  Drew and the kids stayed at Bob’s house while Suzette, Jamie, my mom and I went to the Christmas Show and met Lynn and Anna.  It was the last day and we did see some deals.  It’s always fun to walk around and we did pick up some presents – and fudge.   I always come home with fudge.  We got back to Bob and Suzette’s around 4pm and headed home not too long after that. 

We have a short week of work and school and then it’s the Thanksgiving holiday!  There is a chance of wintery mix on Tuesday and Wednesday so we’ll see what that means for school.  We have Lindy’s IEP scheduled for Tuesday morning at 8:15am so it will probably be cancelled.  I’m hoping for no wintery mix. 

I only took a few pictures this week.

I found this in Lindy’s Sunday school classroom at church.  Check out the last line.  Joys and Concerns.  Lindy said Papa.  I wonder if she meant he was a joy or a concern?? ha ha!IMG_2998Making cookies Friday night.  This girl wants to help with everything so she loved doing this.DSC_5289DSC_5290Here she is waiting for the first batch to finish cooking.DSC_5291Tasting the final product. DSC_5292Rubbing her belly and saying ‘Yum’!DSC_5295Wednesday at church the kids got a gift from the other set of twins in our church.  Will and Nora just turned 16 this weekend but their mom gave Lindy and Will Nora and Will’s old bathrobes.  Lindy and Will LOVE them!  DSC_5298DSC_5299DSC_5300Today at the Christmas Show.IMG_3021My mothers!  My mom, step-mother-in-law, and mother-in-law!IMG_3023

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