Sunday, November 17, 2013

Will’s Special Day

On November 6th we celebrated Will’s special day.  If you have been reading awhile then you know this is the day Will came home from the hospital, 6 years ago!  We celebrate this day because it was much more exciting and happy than the day of his birth.  Plus it’s a day just about Will.  Which doesn’t happen very often. 

Things were a little different this year.  I did have some signs and balloons out around the house when he woke up.  He got a special donut breakfast, which doesn’t usually happen on a week day.  He went to school and told his teacher about his special day.  Drew and I went and ate lunch with him at school.  We brought him a McDonalds cheeseburger and he got to ask a friend to sit with him.  He asked a little girl (although she is about a head taller than Will) to sit with him.  They were super cute to watch!   He also got to pick his favorite dinner, lasagna.  After dinner I took them to get Frosties from Wendy’s, his choice of a special treat.

We did all that but we weren’t able to go and do something on his actual day because of a meeting Drew had and because of getting out of school much later in the day.

We did celebrate though, on Sunday December 10th. Right after church we headed over to Mooresville to see Nana and Papa’s house. It has changed a ton since we saw it in September. There are walls! The kids had fun playing hide and seek in the empty house. After we played in the house a bit, Drew, the kids and I headed to Zootastic. It was a mini zoo in Troutman we had heard about. They said it was the off season and they weren’t doing their usual tours but we were free to walk around and check out the animals. We got two feed bowls and headed out. It was an interesting place with some interesting animals. Lots of goats and alpacas along with some ostriches, bulls, zebras, tigers, camels, a bear, and other random animals. Poor Will didn’t hang on tight to the bowl when an alpaca was eating and it took his bowl. We shared the second bowl the rest of the time. They had a corn pit the kids enjoyed playing in as well. Not sure it was my favorite place in the world but the kids had fun. Which is really what matters. I think they have some pretty cool animal encounters you can do – like feed a baby tiger a bottle – but they are expensive and we didn’t spring for that. They were setting up miles of Xmas tree lights so maybe we can try the Christmas drive through some time in December.

After Zootastic we headed back to my parents’ house for dinner and then we headed home. I think he enjoyed his special day observed!

Waking up to balloons and a sign on his bed!DSC_5156DSC_5157Another sign at breakfast!DSC_5158DSC_5159It also happened to be picture day so they had to dress up for school!DSC_5160DSC_5161DSC_5163Frosties after dinner.  I thought my koozie on the Frosty was an ingenious idea!DSC_5164DSC_5165On Sunday we checked out Nana and Papa’s house progress.  They got in the pool for the first time!  DSC_5176Probably the last in a very long time that they’ll be on the bottom of the deep end!DSC_5177DSC_5181The progress on the front!DSC_5182At Zootastic, feeding some goats.DSC_5189DSC_5191Feeding the camel out of your hand.  DSC_5197Must have felt funny, based on their reactions!DSC_5198DSC_5199DSC_5201They had this beautiful white peacock.  Never seen anything like it!DSC_5207This is where things went south for Will.  Hey Alpaca….DSC_5213wait, don’t take my whole bowl.  Yep, he stole the whole bowl.DSC_5214The rams would butt everyone out of the way to get some food.DSC_5215This goat was out of the cages and just followed along with us like a dog!DSC_5221DSC_5223This thing had the biggest horns I’ve ever seen in my life.DSC_5226Lindy and her goat friend!DSC_5227The corn pit!DSC_5237DSC_5242Tigers.  They had tigers.DSC_5247And baby tigers that were so cute!DSC_5248DSC_5250

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