Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Past Two Weeks

So after I posted my last post on Nov 3 I took my computer in to get cleaned up and worked on.  I didn’t have it last Sunday to do my regular post.  We picked it up on Tuesday but by that time I was knee deep in to work and had no time to post.   Let’s see if I can catch up. 

Will’s special day was on November 6th (see below for a post dedicated to him and his day). 

Friday November 8th was a fun day for our family.  We went to the Wake Forest basketball season opener and I got recognized as a community hero for my work with the March of Dimes.   My parents and Bob and Suzette came to witness the event.  I’ve been fussed at by other family members for not telling them what was happening (although I did offer them tickets.  I just didn’t tell them the whole story!)  At the first time out in the second half we got to walk out on the court and they read a little clip about me and then the Deacon presented me with a certificate.  Actually he tried to present it to Drew and Drew had to tell him it was me!  It was pretty neat to be out on the court!  They showed us up on the big scoreboard.  The kids thought it was super cool.  When I told Will we were going to get to do it he said, “This will be the best day of my life!”  It was a neat experience and it was crazy to find out so many people we knew were there.  

Saturday we had a home football game which we ended up leaving soon after half time.   We met and tailgated a bit with the usual crowd (plus Drew’s old college roommate and his wife) but the game was awful.  Wake got blasted by Florida St.  We got home and enjoyed a late afternoon and evening at home.   Well the kids and I did – Drew had a wedding to perform.

Sunday was the day we celebrated Will’s special day.  It turned out to be a very special day – for more than one reason.  Will lost his first tooth on Sunday morning!  He has waited very patiently since Lindy lost her two teeth this summer.  The dentist said it was loose at his visit in September and it got really loose last week.  I tried pulling it out on Sat. night but it wasn’t quite ready.  Will ate an apple slice for breakfast Sunday morning and  he wiggled it a bunch and then I popped it right out!  He showed everyone at church.  We made sure to put his tooth under his pillow that night so the tooth fairy could find him.

I’ve never really seen Lindy jealous but man she was jealous last Sunday.  It was killing her that Will was getting lots of attention for his lost tooth.  One of her top teeth is just barely loose.  Just barely.  She wiggled and wiggled and and tried to show everyone at church that she had a loose tooth.  I lost count of how many times I told her to stop and let Will have his day. 

We woke up Monday to find the tooth fairy had left Will $1.00.   He was super excited to find his money and a certificate from the tooth fairy.  The kids didn’t have school because of Veterans Day and they stayed home with Drew.  They actually stayed with Martha most of the morning as I had to be at work and Drew needed to visit someone who had just been put in the hospice home.  Martha saved the day by coming to watch the kids.  They had a lazy bum Monday by staying in pj’s most of the day.  Drew did bring them to me at work for a little while so he could go back and visit the family at the hospice house.  

Other highlights of the week – Will had character day on Thursday and he wore his globe costume again.  His teacher gave us a book called “Me on the Map.”  One parent could go and because of stuff going on at work, Drew went.   He said it was controlled chaos.  The boys were on the outside of the circle and the girls on the inside circle and they rotated and had to tell each other about their character.  Drew said Will got lots of compliments on his globe!

Friday the kids went on their first field trip with school.  They went with the children’s theatre to see City Mouse Country Mouse.  I  know Will enjoyed it.  Lindy didn’t say much.  She said she enjoyed it but I wonder where she sat.  Will said her class set up front so maybe they did that so she could see. 

It was a very busy week for me – work wise.  I had my big fall fundraiser on Friday night so I worked later than normal at work and then worked every evening after the kids went to bed.  Thursday night was a very late night and then Friday night was the actual event!  Thankfully it went great and we raised nearly $140,000 for the babies!  It was a super late night and I was worth nothing on Saturday.  Lynn came up to babysit the kids because I had Drew volunteering at my event!  I was so thankful she was there Saturday morning too.  Drew had a funeral to do Saturday morning but because Lynn was here they let me sleep until 9am!   It was glorious.  I still was so worn out and tired that we didn’t do much of anything.  We packed shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child and we ran to Target.  Other than that I was worthless.

Today we had church and then Will had a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.  We left early and went to the mall to look for blankets for the kids’ beds.  We walked the entire mall and ended up where we started buying blankets.  We headed to the party and Will had a blast. 

I think that catches everyone up on the last two weeks.  And now some pictures! 


Out on the court at the Wake Forest Basketball game.  DSC_5168DSC_5169There’s me – the community hero!DSC_5173Finally!  He lost a tooth and he has a ‘window'’!IMG_2967Putting his tooth under his pillow!DSC_5254Yay!  Finding a dollar the next morning!DSC_5255DSC_5266DSC_5259And a certificate!DSC_5260DSC_5262Character day at school.  All the 1The circle of boys on the outside.  The kid on the right in black is ginormous.  I swear his feet are as big as 2photo 3Today the kids sang in church.  They dressed up and looked real spiffy!DSC_5269Will wore his first tie!  So handsome!DSC_5271And she’s so beautiful – even if she hates being called that!DSC_5274DSC_5280My boys with their ties!  So handsome!DSC_5285So cute!DSC_5287Fun afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese!IMG_2984IMG_2987IMG_2988IMG_2994IMG_2995

Keep Reading for Will’s special day post. 

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