Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mimo Spent the Weekend With Us

Whew – another busy week. 

Monday started with us taking Lindy to her hearing teacher’s school for some testing.  It’s been a year since any kind of testing has been done.  She did most of the PLS on her.  I met Drew and the kids there.  From what I could tell, she did really well.  There were 1 or 2 questions she should have gotten but I know she just didn’t look at all the pictures. She is going back tomorrow to finish the PLS and do the Bracken.  Can’t wait to get the results!  We left there and hurried home to eat dinner and get Will to tee ball at 6pm.  He came so close to getting a hit.  He will get it soon.  Lindy usually plays my phone at the games but that night she played with some older sisters of kids on the team and with her Sunday School teacher who came to watch Will and Dylan play ball. 

Tuesday was gymnastics for the kids and Wednesday I was out of town most of the day for work.  I started home around 6pm and called Drew.  They were at Steak-n-Shake so I met them for dinner. 

The rest of the week was normal for the kids.  It was pretty hectic for me because I was getting ready for my first March for Babies walk of the season in Elkin NC.  I was hustling each day doing all the last minute stuff.

Drew left to go on a boys’ trip at the beach on Thursday afternoon.  Thankfully Mimo arrived Thursday afternoon.  She got the kids to school and picked them up on Friday.  She took them to SciWorks for the afternoon.  She said they had a blast.  She brought home some camp information.  I know Will would love to do a camp there.  We’ll have to check into it.  Friday night I got home earlier than I thought I would but then I remembered I was supposed to head out to sell concessions at the ball fields.  Lynn, the wonderful woman she is, offered to go do it for me.  I’m so thankful she did.   It was nice to see the kids a little while before they went to bed, and plus I was so tired. 

I was in bed early Friday night because I got up at 4:15am Sat. morning to get to Elkin on time.  We had our first walk of the season and I think it went really well!!  4 more walks to go!  While I was in Elkin all day Lynn took Will to his tee ball game at 1pm.  Aunt Anna came up to visit and watch some tee ball.  I finally got home around 7pm that night.  I chatted with Anna for awhile before she left and then Mimo gave baths and I got them dressed and we got them in bed so we could crash. 

Today we went to church and Mimo left after church.  The kids and I played outside for awhile.  It’s bulk trash week in our neighborhood and we watched all the trucks coming by to go through it.  We were pulling our old sofa out of the garage right as a truck passed and the driver stopped and asked if it was a sofa bed.  We said yes and he said he was going to take the bed part.  He got his tools out and unscrewed all the metal away.  It’s an entertaining time of year to see everyone riding by! 

The only pictures I took were from today.  I need to teach Drew to use the camera during the week!

My two loves before church today.DSC_1179DSC_1180I loved this dress today!  She was super cute in it.DSC_1181Who loves Mimo?  Lindy and Will do!DSC_1186They were pretending these flying disks were steering wheels.  DSC_1192Will yelled ‘Stop’ and they both held out the red disk.  DSC_1194Will is into drawing maps lately.  This is a floor plan of our house.  DSC_1196I came home from work one day to find sticky notes all over the play room.  Hmmmm.  Not sure why Drew thought it was a good thing to let them do this?!?DSC_1198

This week they have pretended they work in a hotel.  The American Hotel – with 15 floors.  They turned the trampoline into the elevator.  Half the sticky notes around the house said ‘elevator’ and was pointing to it.  If we wanted to pay cash for our room we had to pay Lindy and if we didn’t have cash we had to swipe our card with Will.  Their imaginations are WILD!!!  Lindy kept her March of Dimes office, though.  Because every hotel needs a MOD office! 

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