Sunday, June 3, 2012

Muddy Week

It’s rained a ton so our backyard is very muddy and Drew ran the Marine Mud Run on Saturday – and he was VERY muddy!

Monday we headed down to Bob and Suzette’s for a Memorial Day cookout.  Our Duke student, Molly, went along for a little Southern family hilarity!  A tasty meal was had and a few games of Catch Phrase.  Although I do not think I was ever on the winning team. 

Tuesday Lindy had school and then we had gymnastics after school.  We headed home after gymnastics and then I  headed back out to Lindy’s IEP meeting.  Lindy had met most of her goals since her last IEP meeting so she got a lot of new goals this time.  Her teacher had completed recent testing on her and Lindy did great.  On the PSL-4 her auditory comprehension was 92 (or 4.5 years old) and her expressive communications was 108 (or 5.5 years old).  The total test average was 100 or 5 years old.  She’ll be 5 at the end of next month so she was right on target.  Ms. Asbury said Lindy was backwards of most students.  She said most have higher auditory than expressive.  Lindy has a big vocab but doesn’t necessarily understand everything she says!  On the Bracken her total test was an 88, which is in the average range.  It comes out to 4 years and 2 months, which is a little lower but Ms. Asbury thought vision was an issue in a few places.  She also said because Lindy had done so well on some other part that she had to start the test at a higher level and so she missed a few more of the higher level things.  The final testing she did was something called the Preschool Developmental Checklist that our county has.  Her total test was a 129 out of 134.  She blew that out of the water!  She missed three on the fine motor skills part – not surprising since she has severe vision loss.  So we wrote her a new IEP and I signed it – we unfortunately will just not use it.  Because we are choosing to hold Lindy and Will out of kindergarten this year and send them to preschool again, Lindy will lose her services.  It’s something we’ve thought long and hard about and we think this is the best decision for her.  She is obviously doing well and she’ll be in preschool 5 days a week next year and I’ll be working with her at home so we think she’ll be okay.  When we register her for kindergarten next spring we’ll bring her IEP and get everything back in place for her to get services started when she does start kindergarten in the fall of 2013.  (Which already makes me sad to think about and it’s a year away!).

Wednesday was kind of our first day of summer break.  The first day we’d been home with no school to go to.  We had a good morning but things got dicey in the afternoon.  I called someone and the kids went crazy.  We might have to have a very structured summer if they can’t behave when I’m not right next to them. 

Thursday Lindy had school and we did a parent session.  The kids had choir practice that night. 

Friday I went grocery shopping in the morning and then I got the kids and we headed to Target and Sam’s Club.  After Target we stopped at Krispy Kreme to enjoy a free doughnut on National Doughnut Day.  Yummy!  I figured it was just a glazed doughnut but you got your choice of any doughnut they had!  We headed to Sam’s and the bottom dropped out while we were in there.  We browsed a few more aisles until it stopped raining and we checked out and headed home.  Then round two of the storm came through and wow!  It put a hurting on our street.  As Drew said “The rain was of biblical proportions for five minutes and then it stopped.”  We were all standing at the front windows watching the wind and rain blow completely horizontal.  It hailed as well.  After the storm I went to the back window to find our backyard a complete mess.  Our patio table and umbrella were turned over, all the kids’ yard toys were scattered, a trashcan with pool/water toys was emptied and the lid was up in the wooded area, and we had big limbs broken off a tree in our wooded area.  It actually looks like it got struck by lightning.  Then we walked out front and three of our immediate neighbors lost large limbs off their Bradford pears in their front yards.  I drove down the road today and there are about 5 more houses down the road that all lost huge limbs.  Some limbs took down light posts and gutters with them.  Our little road is a mess!  It was one heck of a storm.  Thankfully it was short lived and it moved on.  We were supposed to go to the NC Zoo with Brenner’s Children’s Hospital but it was cancelled due to the severe weather. 

Saturday was Drew’s big day at the Marine Mud Run.  He ran it with his friends Kris, Ryan, and Robert.  They headed out early Sat. morning and then Katie and the kids came over around 10am.  We put Micah and Claire’s car seats in our cars and we headed up to Pinnacle to watch them cross the finish line.  Almost immediately after walking up to the finish line we saw Drew, Kris, and Robert round the last corner and then we waited for them to finish through the big mud pit.  They unfortunately had the mishap of losing Ryan on the course.  Ryan was waiting for the other three at the mud pit and the other three were waiting for Ryan (who they thought was behind them).  They finally all met up and came through the mud pit and across the line.  The kids, especially Will, weren’t so sure about all the mud!  We headed home and the guys finally made it back after they waited in long lines to get rinsed off and changed.  Katie and Kris hung out for awhile and then they headed out.  Drew and I both helped Jamie, Ed’s wife, with a wedding she was doing on Sat. evening at Tanglewood.  I was her assistant wedding director and Drew married the couple.  Drew dropped the kids off at a playground with Ed and Molly and then picked them up when he was done with the wedding.  I was there for before, during, and after the wedding helping Jamie.  It was a family affair! 

Today we had church and we had a really neat worship service.  We had the Inner Rhythm Choir, a group of adults with developmental disabilities, join us for worship.  They did a great job.  We know several of the choir members so it was fun to see our friends perform.  This afternoon I took Lindy to a birthday party at our neighbors’ house.  In the past Will has gotten to go to the parties but this year it was a girls only princess tea party and Will wasn’t invited.  He actually handled it better than I thought he would.  He hung with daddy and got to ride bikes and play games.  Lindy enjoyed seeing Belle, the Prince, and Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast.  She got her fingernails painted, got a tattoo, played Bingo and ate cake.  I wish I could just be one of the moms in the background but I unfortunately turn into the hovering mom when she is out on the back patio and there are steps to fall down. 

So that was enough typing.  Here are some pictures.

Good times outside.DSC_3272DSC_3279DSC_3281DSC_3284She had Drew’s belt stuffed down her pants.  ha ha!DSC_3287Happy Doughnut Day!IMG_0921IMG_0924Some of the storm damage.  You can see two trees with limbs down in this picture.  DSC_3290Our backyard.DSC_3292Pre-race on Saturday morning.DSC_3296DSC_3297DSC_3299Best picture of the kids we could get.  Claire cracks me up.  DSC_0665The boys in the mud pit.DSC_0676After the race.  Muddy boys.  DSC_0689I felt like I had run a race after carrying Lindy around there all morning.  DSC_0695Sweet girl before church today.DSC_3315I broke the rules again today and put her in sandals and so we painted her toes again.  They are such sweet, crooked toes!  DSC_3317DSC_3318DSC_3321Lindy getting a tattoo from Mrs. Potts.DSC_3323Lindy and the Prince.DSC_3324Lindy and Belle – who incidentally is a member of our old church so it was fun to see her again!DSC_3329DSC_3332Happy Birthday Elia!  She is second from the right.  DSC_3338

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