Sunday, June 10, 2012

Officially Summer!

Lindy finally finished (and graduated from) school on Thursday!  We can now fully relax into our summer schedule. 

It was a really busy week with things finishing up.  Lindy had school on Tuesday and then we had gymnastics.  In gymnastics they practiced for gold medal day, which is June 16th.  It’s their little ‘recital’ at the end of the year where they show off what they have learned all year and they get a gold medal. 

Wednesday I took the kids to Lindy’s school for field day.  We woke up to pouring rain so they had to move field day from outside to inside the gym.  I had kind of dreaded going but decided we didn’t have anything else to do.  I’m actually glad we ended up going.  Everything was set up so well and everything was age appropriate and Lindy could do most of it.  Will got to come with us and he had a blast too.  It was 1.5 hours long and then we headed back to the room for a snack.  As we were getting ready to leave they came in with grilled hot dogs so we stuck around and ate lunch too.  I brought the kids home and then I headed out for a little afternoon of pampering.  I cashed in my mother’s day/anniversary gift and had a massage and pedicure.  We go to the salon Drew’s aunt owns – who is Bob’s sister.  Bob just happened to be coming to town on Wed. because Bob and Joan were taking their aunt out for lunch.  Joan mentioned I was getting a massage that afternoon and so they decided to play a joke on me.  They snuck Bob in the back door and then they led me into the massage room and he was standing there.  That was quite a surprise to see my father-in-law in there.  Thankfully I was still fully clothed.  ha!  I was hardly able to relax during my massage – I was worried he would try to sneak back in!  A lady from our church, Martha, watched the kids while I was gone.  Bob stopped by the house and surprised her too.  He was just full of surprises that day. 

Thursday was Lindy’s last day of school at her hearing impaired classroom.  This is where she went everyday last year and two days a week this year.  She ages out of the preschool program next fall and she wouldn’t qualify even if she was the right age.  We had to fight to get Lindy into their classroom two years ago.  They had originally assigned her to another school in town.  We met with a room full of people and pleaded our case and they decided to let her try it out.  Two years later she graduated with the BEST language in the class!!!  She was quite a success story for that classroom.  Her hearing teacher told me many times she had never made it this far with any students.  Lindy did such a good job in this classroom.  We loved her teachers, Mrs. Asbury and Ms. Mary.  Ms. Mary told me she needed visitation rights and I agreed to every other weekend Smile  She said she’d take Will too!  We will definitely miss this class and we’re so proud of her for doing so well.  They had a graduation ceremony for the 6 kids that are leaving the class.  2 weren’t there that day so 4 kids graduated. Lindy is the only one they recommended to go on to a mainstream kindergarten class.  It was a cute little ceremony and then we had refreshments.  Thursday afternoon we headed out for an errand so we stopped by McDonalds and got the kids a cherry berry chiller for a last day of school treat.  Thursday night the kids had their last children’s choir practice at church.  They will sing on Father’s Day and then take the summer off.

Friday afternoon Drew and I headed out of town for a weekend in the mountains.  One of Drew’s best friends from college was getting married in Blowing Rock.  We headed out around 1pm and left the kids with their Stokes County Grandma, Janice.  She watched them all afternoon and evening until Bob and Suzette could get there.  They left Charlotte after Suzette got off work and they watched them the rest of the weekend.  I think they wore each other out!  L&W were tired tonight and I’d bet GrandBob and Suzette are pretty darn tired themselves.  We do want to thank them for watching the kids – they even watched them on their wedding anniversary! 

We got up to Boone and checked in our hotel and changed clothes.  We headed to Blowing Rock – only about 10 minutes apart – for the wedding rehearsal.  Drew read scripture in the wedding.  After the rehearsal we went to the dinner and it was at the most beautiful place.  It was called Westglow Resort and Spa.  It was in an old house and it had the most amazing view.  The dinner was so nice and the sunset was amazing.  We didn’t know hardly anyone there but we enjoyed talking with the people at our table. 

The wedding was at 2:30pm on Saturday and it was a very nice wedding.  Kendal looked beautiful; Davis is a lucky guy!  The wedding ended and we had a couple hours until the reception started at 6pm.  Another great friend of Drew’s from college and his wife, Scott and Kelly, flew in from FL that morning.  After the wedding the four of us and another friend went to downtown Blowing Rock and we got a little snack and a drink at a restaurant.  We headed to the reception and had a great time catching up with Scott and Kelly.  The reception was at the Blowing Rock Country Club which was really nice.  We had a great meal and just a fun evening.  We got to sleep in until 9am this morning – a rare event for Drew and I!  We got up and got home around lunchtime.  Bob and Suzette headed out after lunch. 

The next week should be much quieter – especially since there are rain and storms in the forecast for almost everyday.  Could be a long week at home!

DSC_3345Field day at Lindy’s school.  Crab soccer.DSC_3348Relay cup stacking race.DSC_3360Jumping the creek (or in Lindy’s case – Running in the Creek)DSC_3368DSC_3377DSC_3383DSC_3385They let a couple kids at a time go out on top of the parachute.DSC_3396Lindy went and sat in the direct center.DSC_3398Then the nut laid back and put her arms behind her head.  Everyone around was laughing at how funny/cute it was!DSC_3401DSC_3408Lindy and Ms. MaryDSC_3423At the graduation the class sang a few songs.DSC_3425Lindy really gets into her singing!DSC_3427The graduates.  I think this is such a great picture.  Lindy and her friend Elaina are smiling so cute at each other.  And this shows how INCREDIBLY SMALL she is.  Just look at that height difference!DSC_3437Our little graduate.DSC_3445Getting her preschool diploma!DSC_3453DSC_3457DSC_3465Lindy and Ms. Glenn, a teacher assistant who came in each day to help out in her class.DSC_3467Lindy and Ms. Mary again.DSC_3470Lindy and Ms. Carter, her speech therapist.DSC_3472Lindy and Ms. Ellen, the lead hearing impaired teacher in the county who has been coming on Tues/Thur to help in her classroom all year.DSC_3474Lindy and Ms. Asbury.  Thankfully we are going to see Ms. Asbury some next year as she is going to do a monthly private tutoring with us since we are losing all Lindy’s services.  DSC_3476Lindy and Mr. Massenburg, or Massenburger as Lindy calls him.  He is the principal at her school and she had him wrapped around her little pinky!!!DSC_3478A little comparison of Lindy on her first day at her school and her last day at her school.  She was such a baby when she started!!2012-06-10 End of School and Davis' weddingThe first day of school compared to the last day of school this year.2012-06-10 End of School and Davis' wedding1On a random note, we got our very first and very yummy tomato!  Drew, Will and I split our first little tomato.  Lindy wanted nothing to do with it.DSC_3523Drew and I at the wedding rehearsal Friday nightDSC_3535The amazing view and sunset we watched.IMG_0957Drew and Davis – college pals and roommates.DSC_3537All dolled up for the wedding!DSC_3544Kendal and Davis!DSC_3545Scott and KellyDSC_3553The Wake Forest crew.  Drew, Davis, and ScottDSC_3557Drew, Davis, Scott, and another friend, Suresh.DSC_3556

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Amanda said...

Go Lindy! What a beautiful little girl!! I bet that you will never regret waiting for Kindergarten even though she will lose her services. We waited with 2 of our girls, and I think it was a good thing for both of them, in many ways.