Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father’s Day Dad-da

Lindy affectionately calls Drew Dad-da.  She made it up all by herself and she likes calling him that. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers in our lives.  To my baby daddy – you are a great father.  Lindy and Will light up when they see you come in a room.  They love grapple time and kissy time with you.  They love you to death and have so much fun with you.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad.  He’s always been so supportive of me.  My dad and I used to have the greatest times growing up.  I was his fishing buddy.  Some of my best memories ever are of us fishing together.  Whether on Lake Champlain in VT or at midnight on the Nishnabotna River in Red Oak, Iowa when I was in high school – we always had a great time.   He is one of the most generous people I know; with his time, talents and money.  he he.  It benefits us greatly!

And Happy Father’s Day to the other dad in my life, that SOB Bob.  That stands for Sweet Old Bob, of course!!  They say he was a tough dad but he has mellowed into an old softie in his ripe old age.  He loves us and our kids so much.  He gets suckered in for a few household projects too (like tent weights for the March of Dimes! ha ha!) which we appreciate him helping us with. 

We are lucky to have such good dads in our lives. 

Looking back at our week, we didn’t really do too much.  It was kind of a boring week.  Tuesday we had our last regular gymnastics class.  The kids have loved gymnastics this year.  They definitely learned new skills and it was a great little workout for them each week.  We had two very patient teachers, Mr. Jeff and Mr. Jason.  I appreciate them working with Lindy each week.  They were really awesome and patient in helping her with things she couldn’t do. 

Thursday morning I took the kids for their first swimming lesson.  We have a family in our church who has their own pool in their yard.  Their daughter, LeeAnn – also a church member- used to teach swimming lessons at the YMCA.  I asked her to teach the kids this summer.   We tried lessons last year at the YMCA but I’m pretty sure Lindy heard nothing.  It was loud and had an echo in there.  We met LeeAnn at her parents’ pool and we worked with them for 45 minutes.  We were both in the water.  She’d tell us what to do and I’d be able to say it directly into Lindy’s ear so she could hear.  It was a much better situation.  We are going to do them throughout the summer and hopefully the kids will get a little more used to and comfortable around water.  They like the water a lot but they need to learn how to not drink the entire pool and choke.  Thursday afternoon we had some other church members come over for a Hunger Games book study.  Three were rising 9th graders who had read the book in school.  It was a fun afternoon of discussing the books.

Friday evening we picked up some dinner and headed to a park for a picnic.  We enjoyed our evening out.  The kids had a blast at the playground.  It was the perfect time to go, hardly anyone was there.  I am such a scaredy cat when it comes to Lindy and playgrounds.  I can hardly stand to watch her play on it.  My heart drops constantly the whole time we are there.  If she falters or missteps my heart drops.  I am just so scared of her hitting her head on a metal bar and it hurting her shunt.  Thankfully she has a much more laid back daddy who helps her but lets her do things mommy wouldn’t let her do. 

Saturday morning we had Gold Medal Day at gymnastics.  The kids had to be there at 10:40am and then performed at 11am.  They did about a 20 minute presentation and then we were done.  We went out to lunch with Kris, Katie, Micah, and Claire to celebrate.  Lynn came up for the day and came to watch the gymnasts in action.  We played at Chick-fil-A and then Lynn and I took the kids shopping for a bit.  We stopped for some frozen yogurt on the way home.  Lynn babysat for us Sat. night so Drew and I could go to a Willie Nelson concert.   Willie came to this little campground in Pinnacle NC.  It has an outdoor amphitheater and it is at the base of Pilot Mountain.  We met our friends Melissa and Mike for supper and then we headed to the concert.  It was a beautiful night and venue for my first Willie Nelson concert.  It was a lot of fun – even if Willie only played for 1.5 hours.  It was still pretty awesome. 

Today was been a pretty low-key Father’s Day for Drew.  We had church this morning and the children’s choir did sing for the dads.  Lindy put on quite the show.  They called up the kids during the gathering songs to help sing old vacation bible school music.  Lindy stationed herself in front of a microphone and messed with with the entire time.  Then the children’s choir sang their songs and again she got herself right in front of the microphone.  She had her hands on her hips and she sang away.  It was quite entertaining.  Besides messing with the mic a lot, it actually turned out okay because she was singing and you could hear her.  She knew the words and sang them well.  After church we did go out to eat for lunch and then Drew spent the afternoon at the hospital with a church family.  We got a pizza for dinner.  His Father’s Day involved mostly eating.  I hope he does know how much the kids and I love him, even if we weren’t with him most of the day!

So there is our week.  Until next time…

One day we ran errands and we went to the grocery store.  They thought this double race car cart was awesome. IMG_0977The kids with their gymnastics teachers, Mr. Jeff and Mr. Jason.DSC_3661Lindy brought her purse and baby to the store one day.  DSC_3663At the playground Friday night.DSC_3685DSC_3692DSC_3697This little ramp in particular scared me to death.  It was the only way she wanted to get up in there.  Be still my beating heart.  I just knew she’d miss a rung and bang her head on the metal bars.  Thankfully, she didn’t.DSC_3698DSC_3699Gold Medal Day.  Walking out to start the performance.DSC_3711DSC_3715DSC_3719Starting across the balance beam.DSC_3734Stopping for a little hug first.DSC_3735DSC_3739Doing a handstand.  Hey, there is Claire!DSC_3749DSC_3759Ta-da!DSC_3783Ta-da!DSC_3786DSC_3791DSC_3792This picture cracks me up.  Every kid in the picture is screaming Ta-da at the top of their lungs.  Their faces are so funny!DSC_3798Our super star gold medalists!DSC_3799Lindy and Mimo!DSC_3802The best Willie pictures I got on my phone.IMG_1012IMG_1013Father’s Day church outfits.DSC_3814DSC_3815DSC_3818Singing during the gathering music.DSC_3822DSC_3823The children’s choir singing their Father’s Day songs.  Look at Miss Sassypants on the right.   Stationed before the mic with her hands on her hips.DSC_3830Check out that rock star!DSC_3827Giving Daddy some presents they made in Sunday School.DSC_3832Best Daddy Ever!DSC_3836DSC_3834DSC_3839

I also want to congratulate one of my best friends on the arrival of her baby girl today.  Congratulations Chris and Callie!  Welcome to the world Baby Stella!

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