Sunday, May 27, 2012

School’s Out For Summer

Kind of.  On Friday, the 25th, Lindy and Will had their last day of school at their church preschool that they go to on M/W/F.  Unfortunately, Lindy still has two more weeks of the hearing impaired preschool she goes to on T/Th.  She’ll only go on T/Th and her last day is June 7th.  Summer is mostly here.  But until Lindy is done it won’t really feel like summer yet.

Monday Lindy had physical therapy with Jill.  She thought her new braces looked good and thought Lindy looked pretty good.  We are back to going monthly now. 

Tuesday Will and I went to Aunt Jamie and Uncle Ed’s for a little while and then we picked up Lindy and headed to gymnastics.   I’m ready for gymnastics to be over but we have three more weeks I think. 

Wednesday my friend Katie and I hung out and went shopping because it was our official last day of having no kids.  We will both have kids with us everyday for the summer now.  Wednesday night I got to do something really cool.  Our local TV station, WXII, has a weekly BBQ at their station and last week they invited the March of Dimes to come to it.  I was excited to get an invitation to go!   The meteorologist went back and forth between the courtyard and inside to do the weather.  When she was outside she interviewed a few of the people there.  Thankfully I was not one of them!  I was on TV but just sitting in the background enjoying the food!  As we were leaving I asked one of the guys there if he did tours.  He took me and another girl on a tour of the station and it was so cool.  We got to go in the studio and we actually got to see the news anchors doing their job since the news was still going on.  The guy showed us all the cool things happening in the news room and told us so many cool things.  It was a really fun evening and so cool to see a live newscast!!

As I said, Friday was the last day of school for Lindy and Will.  I was in charge of the snacks for their last day of school parties.  I had fun making treats.  I went with a summer theme and made snack bag butterflies and rice krispie treats that looked like a watermelon.  The other moms did the treat bags for the classes.  I think the kids had a fun party.  Both kids brought home a really great book of pictures that their teachers have taken of them throughout the year.  Will’s teacher asked the kids questions in Sept., Feb., and May.  In Sept. Will wanted to be a police officer when he grew up and in Feb. and May he wanted to be a builder.  She also weighed and measured them in those same months.  In Sept. Will was 37.5 inches tall and weighed 27 pounds.  In Feb. he was 38.5 inches and 27lbs and in May he was 38.5 inches and 29lbs.  Wahoo, he gained two pounds!  The boy weighs nothing.  He eats small amounts of food these days and he eats like a sloth.  He is SO SLOW.  It was neat to see their pictures throughout the year!  We will miss our teachers this summer.  Both kids had great years and learned a ton.  Lindy will have the teacher Will had this year and Will will move on to another 4/5 class.   After I picked the kids up from school I did something pretty crazy for me…we went and got frozen yogurt – for lunch!  Not just a treat, it was for lunch!  I knew they had had a bunch of treats in school and I wasn’t going to give them a full lunch anyway.  I was feeling wild and crazy so I decided it was frozen yogurt for lunch.  They were loving life!

Saturday I got out early and ran to some yard sales.  I had a few things in mind I was looking for and found just a couple board games for the kids to play.  I’m not much of a yard sale girl and my trips out reinforced that!  Saturday after lunch we loaded up the kids and we headed to a local park, Tangelwood for the NC Wine Festival going on out there.  I won free tickets so we figured we would check it out.  The only problem was we had the kids with us.  We brought the wagon and their leap pads and they were actually really good.  I had feared we’d be the only ones there with kids but thankfully we weren’t!  Drew and I sampled a few wines but we didn’t want to wait in long lines and it was about 90F with 60% humidity.  It was so hot.  We walked around and looked at the vendors and we finally found some shade for a little snack.  They had bands playing throughout the day but there was no shade near the amphitheater.  I took the kids over to listen to it but neither wanted to stay long since it was so hot.  We were glad to get home out of the heat.

Today we had church and a covered dish luncheon to welcome our new Duke student intern for the summer.  Her name is Molly.   There were lots of yummy foods and even yummier desserts today.  I hope Molly enjoyed her welcome and I look forward to getting to know her better.  After church we came home and I decided the kids needed to get outside to play.  We got swimsuits on and set up a new sprinkler that they got for Easter.  As per the last few years, Will loved the sprinkler and Lindy didn’t.  She thought it was okay this year.  She will run through it if you run with her.  I got the water table cleaned out and filled up for them and they fought over played with that for a very long time.  While they were playing, Drew and I created a tiny little garden in our backyard.  I know it’s kind of late but oh well.  We’ll enjoy things later in the summer!  We planted lots of tomatoes, zucchini and squash. We’ll see how it goes.  We usually plant tomatoes every year but we’ve never done squash or zucchini.  Hopefully the wild life will stay away from it!

That sums up the week.  We hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

First and last day of school pictures.  Lindy definitely grew this year.  Easier to see in the third picture.  2011-09-11 First Day of School at Maple Springs and Football game2011-09-11 First Day of School at Maple Springs and Football game1Looks like she is catching up to Will in the picture on the left!2012-05-27 End of SchoolThe watermelon rice krispie treat.  I cut it up into wedges so each kid got a slice of watermelon!DSC_3193Butterfly treat bags.DSC_3194Lindy and her teacher Ms. BobbyeDSC_3197Will and his teacher, Ms. SueDSC_3199Yummy frozen yogurt!DSC_3202Feeding his sister – who had already cleaned out her bowl and was looking for more.DSC_3205DSC_3208DSC_3209Cute outfit Lindy wore on Saturday.DSC_3213Lindy was playing this morning.  You know your child definitely pukes too much when she starts playing like her stuffed duck is throwing up in the throw up bucket.  DSC_3218And taking it to the bathroom to dump out.DSC_3219Thankfully we don’t dump her puke out like she dumped her duck’s.DSC_3220Before church this morning I painted my toenails and decided to do Lindy’s.  She was loving the pink toenails!DSC_3222I broke all the rules today and sent Lindy to church in cute sandals and no braces.  Seriously, I’ve never done this.  I haven’t found any sandals that will fit over her braces yet this year.  I  have so longed for the cute dress and sandal look – not the socks, braces, and sandals look.  I don’t think one Sunday without braces is going to hurt her.  Do you think every Sunday morning without braces will hurt her?  Because I loved her in her cute white sandals!!DSC_3224DSC_3230DSC_3237Running in the sprinkler.  Yes, our grass needs to be cut!DSC_3240DSC_3241DSC_3246DSC_3251DSC_3261Look at the concentration.  Tongue out and everything!DSC_3262

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