Monday, August 1, 2011

The Week Before the Birthday

I wanted to write about the week before I do the big birthday posts!

I forgot to mention that on the way home from Florida last weekend we stopped in Greenville, South Carolina to see an old friend of Drew’s and his family.  We also got to drive by all of Drew’s old stomping grounds.  I’ve heard of Sugar Mill for so long that I’m glad I got to see it.  It was also nice to catch up with Adam, Annie, Grace, Eliza, and Owen as well! 

To say he was excited was an understatement.  His favorite times in life were his years in Greenville.  He was giddy to be driving by his old houses and neighborhoods!DSC_1395We had to stop at his old elementary school where according to Drew, “I was the best 5th grader in all of South Carolina in 1986.”  (He won an award for best 5th grade student and then his school got the award for best elementary school in SC.  Which in his mind makes him the best 5th grade student in SC.  hmmmm)DSC_1401Drew and Adam.  Old pals from their Greenville days.DSC_1407Owen, Annie, Grace, Adam and Eliza.  LOVE Owen’s face in this picture!DSC_1408We got home at 10:20pm that night and found that we had lost another branch on the Bradford pear tree.  Second one in the past year.  We have half a tree which looks pretty bad!DSC_1414

Most of the week was spent running a million errands in 95F+ weather.  It wore me out so much to get both kids in and out of the car three or four times a morning.  I was so hot and sweaty by the time we would get back home. 

Anyway, Tuesday Lindy had a hearing test and it went great!  Her ear drums looked great – definitely cleared up the fluid from a couple months ago.  The last hearing test Lindy had she did terrible.  She played around and kept pulling the inserts out of her ears.  We had a little talk before this hearing test and it worked.  She did so well in the sound booth.  She sat at the table and did what she was supposed to and Megan, her audiologist, was able to get a complete audiogram.  Her hearing is completely stable.  They were also able to do a bone conduction test on her since she was doing so well.  It involved her wearing a hand band type device with a thing that went right behind her ear.  She did really well with that and it confirmed that Lindy has Sensorineural hearing loss.  It proved that her hearing loss is because of poor hair cell function in her cochlea.  It was either caused by the ventilators or antibiotics she was on in the NICU.  It’s always been assumed she had sensorineural hearing loss but this confirmed it. 

Tuesday evening we headed back to our old church for a children’s puppet show they were hosting.  We went first for supper which ended up being stressful.  Will was mad we didn’t stop to play on the playground and went in acting like a huge turd.  Lindy tried throwing up her meal.  We hadn’t been there in a year and we showed up like a 3-ring circus.  uggg.  The puppet show was totally worth it though.  The group was called Nancy’s Hands and they were a group of youth puppeteers.  They used popular music and changed the lyrics and it was great!

Wednesday evening the kids got their 4 year old pictures taken.  We met the photographer at Reynolda Village and did outdoor shots.  I think she got some good ones but I can’t wait to see them!

Thursday night we had dinner with Mike and Janice at the ice cream shop, but this time we went to the original ice cream shop in King.  Except the original Dairi-O was torn down and a new one was built in the last year.  We hadn’t been to the new one yet so we met them there.  Much to Mike’s dismay, he took a picture in front of the giant milkshake for me!  The things people will do for our children!

That sums up the week.  A few pictures before the birthday post!

Will liked the puppets up close, Lindy didn’t.DSC_1418DSC_1419Friends from our new church came to the puppet show at our old church!  DSC_1431The kids have been playing a ton in the tent this week.  They’ve put all the pillows and made ‘beds’ in there.  DSC_1433It reminded me of the wicked witch of the west!DSC_1435DSC_1437Lindy has also been obsessed with her backpack this week.  She asked for it at the beginning of the week and she’s worn it ever since.  The day I gave it to her I took some things out of it, one being her vocabulary folder from school.  I gave her the back pack and she said, “No, I want my vocabulary folder.”  Huh?  She said the word vocabulary!  Her vocabulary is awesome and amazes us all the time!DSC_1440DSC_1445Will wanted to smile nicely for me.DSC_1446Dinner with Mike and Janice.DSC_1452The Dairi-O in King has fancy water fountains now!DSC_1456Hugging on Mike!DSC_1459Thanks Mike for posing for me.  I cut off the two giants straws coming out of the top of the cup.  A very unique entryway to a restaurant!DSC_1460The kids love their ‘Stokes County Grandparents!’DSC_1461

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lauren said...

The new Dairi-o is like a mile from our house :) And we had Nancy's Hands at HG on Wednesday night! They were awesome - I agree! Your week sounds like mine...we gotta get together!