Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last Beach Trip of the Summer

I’m way late on this post. Last Tuesday we ate dinner with some friends from our old church. We always enjoy evenings at their house. They have a pond and we always get to ride golf carts down to the pond (which the kids think is super fun) and feed the fish. Lindy might have fed Oscar, the dog, more than the fish, but she enjoyed it. It was actually the most comfortable I’ve ever seen her around a big dog. 

We left late Wednesday and drove down to Lynn’s beach house at Oak Island for a Southern family get together. Lynn and Anna were already there, and Ed, Jamie, Corbyn, and Molly had gotten there that evening as well. Thursday morning we headed to the beach for the morning. Bob and Suzette got down there around 11am that morning. We came in for lunch but went back out for the afternoon and it was gorgeous. Friday we were slower getting up and around and headed down to the beach around 11am with intentions of staying all afternoon. The weather did not cooperate with our plan. We finally headed in after about 2 hours and thankfully we got home before a huge thunderstorm hit. We were supposed to get professional beach pictures taken that night but the weather ruined that plan too. Boo! Anna’s boyfriend, Brian, arrived Friday afternoon. We got up Saturday and headed down to the beach early and this time the rain actually got us while we were out on the beach. We thought it would just be a little rain and we’d be fine. Instead it turned into 10 people crowded under a lowered tent riding out a huge downpour. And then the lightning and thunder started. Finally Drew and I took off with the kids and ran to the first beach house right off the beach. Anna and Molly ran with us. We went back for some of the bags and Brian ran home to get Anna’s car and Jamie drove Bob’s car down to pick us up. We got back and showered and then we packed up and headed home. We just so happened to be driving past Asheboro around 5pm so we made a pit stop for Sir Pizza for dinner. Yummy!

We had a lot of fun at the beach with Drew's family.  It's also so nice to go to the beach with grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins.  They help us out so much with the kids which makes for a more relaxing trip for us. 

Sunday we headed to church and then right after church the children had lunch and a pool party. It was mostly older elementary kids and a few younger ones. Of course I had to go swimming as well. The kids had fun and it was a nice day outside.

Yesterday we had Micah and Claire over all morning to play while Katie went to a meeting. Lindy and Will were so excited they were here! We had fun playing games and the Candyland DVD game I had gotten for the birthday party.

Here are pictures of the week. Our last beach pictures of the summer. So sad!

  Riding golf carts at our friends Dick and Esther’s house.
Dick and Esther in Esther’s cool toy!
Will loved throwing bread into the water.
Dick and Esther’s daughter-in-law Kaye helping Lindy feed the fish.
Ready for the beach!
Beach bums
The water was so calm on Thursday and Friday. We were able to take the kids out with us and it was so nice. Will had fun jumping waves with Aunt Anna!
Will’s favorite activity this trip was ‘racing’ on the beach!
Lindy made some “Wish you were here” phone calls to all her friends on Mimo’s phone!
Poor boy is so skinny he can’t keep his britches up!
Here is Bob trying to explain why it is okay to cheat at Phase 10. Anna obviously did not agree!
Three cards sharks!
Not sure if Bob was motioning for help or telling everyone to stay away because he just peed?!
The little bubble machines were a big hit with the kids!
Molly was a big help with the kids! They loved playing with her!
Will ‘played’ the Wii for the 1st time! He helped Molly drive in Mario Kart!
The storm cloud on Saturday that got us!
 Sunday at the Children’s Pool party. Cory helped Lindy ‘ride’ a bike!
Lindy was obsessed with the crocodile! She played on it forever.
Lindy drew a person on the magna doodle!! Pretty good huh? I told her what to draw and she drew it!
Playing the Candyland DVD with Micah and Claire.

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